Emergency Appeal

Earthquake Relief

Earthquake Relief A devastating 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico on September 19. None of our children, staff or volunteers were harmed. However, our homes in Miacatlán and Cuernavaca suffered an estimated $5 million in damage that puts the children at risk.

Your gift will help to rebuild and repair areas of our homes including:

  • The Miacatlán Dining Hall – We have 500 children eating outdoors on our main patio, and food is being prepared in a makeshift kitchen.
  • The Cuernavaca Boys’ Dorm – We had to set up space to temporarily relocate our 60 boys because their dorms are not habitable.
  • The Elementary and Middle School buildings – Both these structures suffered damage and need urgent repair.
  • The Entrance Wall – Part of the wall, which is vital to the security of our grounds, collapsed and must be repaired quickly.
  • The Agricultural Warehouse – This building must be demolished and rebuilt.


MX_2017-09-20-dining MX_2017-09-20-Miacatlan-wall MX_2017-09-20-CasaNolan-1
Dining hall in Miacatlán, exterior wall in Miacatlán and Guest/visitor house in Cuernavaca

Your generosity will greatly impact the NPH Mexico family and allow us to continue caring for the children in our homes.


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