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Provide ongoing supportLess than 1,000 miles from the U.S., Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

•  Plagued by both political instability and natural disasters, most people are unemployed
….and survive on less than $2 a day.
•  Poverty and unemployment make healthcare widely inaccessible.
•  138,000 children die of preventable diseases each year.
•  One out of four children is moderately to severely malnourished.

NPH USA is helping transform thousands of lives through the support of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos/Nos Petit Frères et Soeurs (NPH/NPFS Spanish and French for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”). Since 1987, NPH/NPFS has operated the St. Helene home in Haiti for orphaned and abandoned children. While the initial goal of NPFS was to build this permanent home, the large number of children dying from treatable illnesses showed a desperate need for a hospital that could treat chronic and other debilitating pediatric illnesses.


On August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck in the south of Haiti. Fortunately, it did not cause any injuries or damage at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital. However, other hospitals and health centers have collapsed or are overwhelmed, and officials estimate there are 600,000 people in need of emergency assistance.

While St. Damien is not a trauma center and is not doing rescue, the hospital’s Director, Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, states that they are anticipating more work than usual during this crisis. This will result in an increase in unbudgeted costs for additional care, supplies and extra staff. With the current wave of COVID, the recent assassination of the president, an escalation of crime and kidnapping, and tropical storms and possible hurricanes on the way, we need your help today.

Please make a donation to help us continue to provide care to those who need us and have nowhere else to go.

Download our Fundraisers GuideFunded through private contributions to NPH worldwide, St. Damien Pediatric Hospital provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti. More than half of all patients are admitted for an infectious disease such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV while 25% are admitted for non-infectious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and kidney infection. Most patients admitted are also malnourished. The outpatient clinic treats 100 children daily, for acute, parasitic, and bacterial infections. In specialized clinics, chronic conditions such as sickle cell anaemia, congenital heart diseases (CHD), tuberculosis and cancer are treated for months or years if needed. St. Damien Pediatric Hospital and associated public health programs of NPFS reach over 80,000 children annually.

Working with Father Rick Frechette, CP, D.O., President of the NPH Haiti Board of Directors, and Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, National Director for St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, NPH USA has created the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund to support the budget necessary to run the hospital and provide support programs to the Haitian community. In a country where 1/3 of the population is under 14-years-old, improvements in pediatric health are a vital and necessary requirement towards Haiti’s economic, social, and political development. St. Damien Pediatric Hospital offers children a place to receive first rate quality and dignified healthcare regardless of their social level.

To learn more about the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund, please contact Jennifer Rayno at

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