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Godparent’s Corner

Thank you for sponsoring a child through NPH USA!

What it means to be a Godparent

As a Godparent, you are essential in the life of your Godchild. Your ongoing financial support provides food, clothing, healthcare, education and a home. You are also a part of your Godchild’s extended family, offering critical emotional support. Your letters give security, encouragement and a sense that the child is important to someone outside the world of their NPH home. This relationship helps him or her build a strong foundation of self-esteem and confidence that can be sorely lacking.
Learn more about being a Godparent below and feel free to contact us whenever you have a question.

Letters to Your Godchild

We strongly encourage you to write to your Godchild – the children eagerly await receiving letters and e-mails from their Godparents. This contact helps create a special, loving relationship between the two of you. And what greater reward is there than bringing a smile to a child’s face? Every time you send a letter to your Godchild, he or she will write back to you! Click here for tips and more information.

“The relationship between the children and their Godparents is much more than just a financial one. The children love to learn about their sponsors’ lives and vice-versa. The kids really depend on this connection.”

– Lena Zuniga, Sponsorship Coordinator, NPH Honduras


Godparents are welcome to visit their Godchildren! Spending time with the pequeños (“little ones”) lets you see first-hand the transformative effect that love, caring and acceptance have on children who once struggled to survive.

We organize trips to the NPH homes on a regular basis, making arrangements for accommodations, ground transportation and activities. Learn more here!

If your Godchild visits the United States as a member of one of the NPH music and dance ensembles, we will send you a schedule of the performances, giving you an opportunity to meet him or her and enjoy the show. You can see a full list of special events here.

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