Holiday Celebrations at NPH Dominican Republic

NPH Dominican RepublicOn separate days in November, we give up eating three food items, such as beans, bread and chicken. We then make gift baskets with these items for 100 families in our community.

In December each house works hard to make a piñata and create a Christmas-themed dance, skit or song. Christmas Eve is celebrated with a large family meal followed by judging of the piñatas and the performances. On Christmas morning everyone joins together for games and piñata breaking, then has a relaxing day.

Children receive gifts on January 6, which is Three Kings’ Day and our home’s anniversary.

gift bag-a.png Sample gift bag contains clothes, shoes, a book, a toy and candy.
Gift Bag: $90


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Holiday Gift Catalog

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May I send a gift bag to my sponsored child?
Unfortunately, no. It is not cost effective for us to designate items to individual sponsored children. Your donation will be used where most needed in the country you select. But you can send your sponsored child the best gift of all, a heartfelt message full of holiday cheer! Click here to learn more.