St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Ambassador Tool Kit 2023

Buying just a single set of scrubs is a major expense that many nurses in Haiti simply can’t afford. Use this tool kit page to spread awareness and raise funds to outfit a nurse with new scrubs.


Use the following content as a starting point for an email or letter to your network/campaign list.


Use these sample social media posts and images, along with the hashtag #InternationalNurseDay on your own social media channels to help St. Damien Hospital.

International Nurses Day is May 12th and we have a simple way you can help. The staff at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti need Scrubs! They need at least 1,508 sets now! Scrubs are essential protective gear that many nurses in Haiti simply can’t afford. Please donate $35 for a new set of scrubs. #InternationalNursesDay #NursesDay

We are one week away from International Nurses Day. Please join the St. Damien Hospital Fund by donating $35 for a set of scrubs to nurses in Haiti: They need our support: #InternationalNursesDay #NursesDay

The nursing staff of St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti need scrubs. They need 1,508 sets! For International Nurses Day, please help us replenish St. Damien’s supply. #InternationalNursesDay #NursesDay

Just $35 will buy one set of scrubs. This won’t end the horrific violence or keep every Haitian safe from harm but we can act now to support the tireless, heroic nurses at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital. Please contribute a set of scrubs to a nurse in Haiti and share with friends and family to reach our goal: #InternationalNursesDay #NursesDay


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Nurse in Pink Scrubs
Nurse in Blue Scrubs