Outfit A Nurse With Scrubs

Did you know that it only takes $35 to get a new set of scrubs for a nurse in Haiti?

The brave and dedicated nurses in Haiti are working day and night in dreadful conditions to save lives. And they’re doing it for pay of less than $400 per month.

That means buying just a single set of scrubs is a major expense that many nurses in Haiti simply can’t afford. And since those scrubs need to be cleaned and disinfected after every shift, having just one set isn’t anywhere near enough.

In support of the nursing staff at St. Damien Hospital, please help us outfit the caring, tireless nurses in Haiti with Scrubs in time for International Nurses Day.

Please help today.

$35 for one set of scrubs
$70 for two sets of scerubs
$350 for 10 sets of scrubs for the whole ward

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