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Honoring Renee DeVinck

Help us to honor Renee DeVinck at the Northwest Faces of Hope Luncheon on April 24, 2024 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Click here to register for the event or make a regrets donation in honor of Renee.

Renee (Morrene) DeVinck is a mother of five and a grandmother of nine. She was first introduced to NPH in 2007. As a professional labor and delivery nurse for over 20 years, Renee was particularly moved by the work of St. Damien Hospital. She made her first trip to Haiti in 2017, followed by several more trips to volunteer in the high-risk maternity ward and to care for children post operatively who received life-saving heart surgery through Rotary International’s Gift of Life Program. Renee, through the DeVinck Family Foundation, has been a lead supporter of the hospital since. The qualified and compassionate care given to thousands of children and mothers with high-risk pregnancies has been made possible by the DeVinck Family Foundation’s generosity.

Submit a tribute in honor of Renee with a special message of appreciation. Your tribute message will be collected and presented as a card to Renee during the Faces of Hope Luncheon. There will be an opportunity to make a gift in honor of Renee at the luncheon. If you cannot attend the luncheon but would like to make a gift in honor of Renee, please do so at

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