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PeruPeru Facts

496,224 square miles – almost twice the size of Texas

32,275,736 (2022 est.)

Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and many minor Amazonian

Earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, landslides, mild volcanic activity; pollution; deforestation; high poverty rate of 30% (more than 55% in rural areas)

NPH Peru at a Glance

December 10, 2004

Casa Santa Rosa de Lima is two hours south of Lima in San Vicente de Cañete

NPH Operates:
Family-style home, medical clinic, farm, therapy center

Community Programs include an academic scholarship program, meals and healthcare for children/youth in the community, and NPH OneFamily which provides services to families in need.

2021 Impact
81 children and adults supported

48 local people employed

85 services provided to community members

Did you know?

  • Peru is the first country in South America to have an NPH home.
  • Rafael Arce, NPH Peru’s National Director, is an Hermano Mayor (“Older Brother”), who was raised at NPH Honduras.
  • Each of the family-style homes is designed to accommodate 16 children and two caregivers.
  • The NPH OneFamily program was launched in 2018 with home visits, family awareness sessions, and a parental training program.
  • The school year begins in mid-March. The children currently attend local schools. Many had never been to school prior to joining NPH.
  • The home’s vocational workshop was constructed in 2016. It provides the opportunity for youth to learn a valuable trade, as well as provide bread for the home.
  • The Higher Education Program offers youth and young adults vocational training, university instruction, and resources for transitioning to an independent and prosperous adulthood.
  • In 2021, NPH made it possible for six students to study careers at technical institutes, eight to pursue university degrees, and one student to complete a degree.
  • To further improve the health and wellbeing of children and staff, fruits and legumes were added to the daily menu and a magnetic water softener system was installed in 2021.

Peruvian law prohibits us from using photos that show the faces of minors.

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