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NPH Mexico Celebrates University Graduates

You believed in them and now they have succeeded.

Linette Gómez, translated by Alicia Balderrama
Communications Officer, NPH Mexico
August 11, 2020

With great pride, we announce that 16 young men and women who were pursuing a university degree have graduated this year!

These youngsters and more than 700 children are our current population and they are our motor and strength to help them to achieve their goal: graduate from college and become responsible, productive and self-sufficient citizens.

Today, the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos family introduces these youths who had the possibility of concluding their studies thanks to the love and generosity they received from you.

This is the roster of our graduates and the careers they pursued:

Veridiana- B.A. in Physical Education and Sports

Tomás- B.A. in Accounting and Auditing

Edwin- B.A. in Accounting and Auditing

Víctor- B.A. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Esmeralda- B.A. in Law and Legal Sciences

Inocente- B.A. in Nutrition

Carolina- B.A. in International Business

Oswaldo – B.A. in Industrial Engineering and Administration

Saraí – B.A. in Business Administration

Verónica – B.A. in Tourism Administration

Luis – B.A. in Electronic Technologies Engineering

Tonantzin- B.A. in Law and Legal Sciences

José Luis – B.A. in Communication Sciences

Emir – Physician and Surgeon Degree

José Daniel- B.A. in Accounting and Auditing

Julio César- B.A. in Accounting and Auditing

“The only legacy I can leave my children is a good education.”
– Father William B. Wasson (Founder of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos)

Thus, another school period ends and a new chapter begins in the life of our graduates. There are not enough words to thank you for the support you have given them, for believing in them and in this great family, so together we can break the poverty cycle they were born in and make their dreams come true. The following is a thank you message for you from one of our graduates:


Together we keep supporting the healthy development of hundreds of Mexican children and youths.

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