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NPH Mexico’s Casa Nolan Is Reborn

More than two years after a major earthquake struck central Mexico, rebuilding is complete on Father Wasson’s former home.

Linette Gómez with Alicia Balderrama
Communications Officer, NPH Mexico
March 11, 2020

Casa Nolan is both historic and meaningful to NPH Mexico. This large family home was donated to Father William Wasson by the Nolans, long time benefactors of NPH. It was, in fact, Father Wasson’s home for many years. The building housed visitors from abroad and volunteers, and the enormous living room was a commonly used meeting space.

After a major earthquake struck central Mexico in September 2017, Casa Nolan suffered irreparable structural damage. There was no other option but to demolish it completely. Casa Nolan was rebuilt with a minimalist design that covers all the needs of NPH International and its staff. It will become NPHI headquarters and provide lodging for volunteers and visitors. Key features include ample meeting rooms, open work spaces, and an incredible view of Popocatépetl, a volcano that is the second highest peak in Mexico.

Father Phil Cleary, chaplain for NPH Mexico and NPHI president emeritus, officially opened Casa Nolan on January 21, 2020. The staff of NPH Mexico and NPH International assembled for a special blessing and prayer service.

NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas cut the ribbon to cheers and applause. The group then followed Fr. Phil room by room through the facility as he blessed each space. Afterward, NPH Mexico National Director Rafael Bermudez hosted a celebratory luncheon. Miguel and Rafael are hermanos mayores who grew up at NPH Mexico.

NPH Mexico and NPHI are grateful to the many supporters who made this project possible. On your next visit to Cuernavaca, NPH Mexico and NPHI invite you to visit our newest casita.

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Earthquake damage at NPH Mexico
Casa Nolan, home for visitors, volunteers and staff, in Cuernavaca after the 2017 earthquake

Casa Nolan at NPH Mexico
Fr. Phil Cleary, and hermanos mayores/staff members Miguel Venegas and Rafael Bermudez inaugurate the newly rebuilt Casa Nolan

Casa Nolan at NPH Mexico
Fr. Phil Cleary blesses the new building