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Supporting our children after the earthquake

Our teams are ensuring our children’s emotional stability after the earthquake in Mexico.

Psychologists have age-appropriate teaching materials that help our children learn about earthquakesReported by Vanessa Cruz
Communication Officer, NPH Mexico

November 17, 2017

Since the recent earthquake that caused millions of dollars in damages at NPH Mexico, we have continued to work hard to safeguard the physical and emotional integrity of each of our children, ensuring safe spaces and providing them with psychological and emotional care as well as preventative measures.

The Psychology and Family Services teams are carrying out support sessions with all children and youths to learn about their emotions, the impact of the earthquake on them, and to detect cases of anxiety or stress after the quake.

In pre-school, elementary and middle high schools, psychologists have age-appropriate teaching materials that help our children understand why earthquakes happen, what to do in the event of an earthquake, understand their emotions during and after experiencing it, and relaxation techniques to release the stress generated by such events.

The head of the Chicas Poderosas (“Powerful Girls”) program assisted our high school juniors and addressed the issues of emotions and concerns after the earthquake, and stressed the measures of accident prevention.

We will continue to hold sessions as our children and young people return to their daily activities. Our priority is the peacefulness and well-being of all of them.

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Photos above and below: Groups of our children participating in support activities.