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NPH Mexico Celebrates the Class of 2015

In July, 133 students graduated from NPH Mexico’s schools.

High school graduatesReported by Kimberly Wassil
Communication Officer, NPH Mexico

Graduation is a significant time in our students’ lives; it is a time for recognizing their achievements and transitioning into a new chapter in their lives. Throughout the weekend of July 9, 2015, family, friends, and supporters of NPH Mexico joined in the celebration of our schools’ 133 graduates to observe this time together.

The events began on Thursday at NPH Mexico’s vocational high school in Cuernavaca. Students displayed projects that they had made related to their areas of expertise including tourism, childcare, computer programming, accounting, and electronics. After learning about Mexican theatre, tasting new culinary dishes, and learning about community outreach, the high school’s first year students competed in a dance competition. The students performed stunts, did back flips, built pyramids, and shot confetti into the crowd as their classmates and visitors cheered them on.

The graduation ceremonies commenced over the following two days at the homes of Casa San Salvador (CSS) and Casa Buen Señor (CBS) where our eight kindergarteners, 48 primary, 53 secondary, and 24 high school students took the stage. The CSS graduates performed dances before receiving their diplomas while CBS graduates gave speeches and listened to words shared by guest speakers including a former pequeño and donors. Along with their diplomas, several graduates received awards in their individual areas of expertise that had been the focus of their studies for the past three years. “These were years with different experiences for each one of us,” one graduate recognized in a speech before the crowd. “Today, there is another special one; there is something that unites us. We are walking across this stage after putting forth a lot of dedication and effort. Because of that, we should be very proud.”

A special Mass in honor of the graduates was held by Father Phil Cleary at each home, and everyone spent the afternoon together. Graduates from CSS enjoyed a special meal at the home with their family and guests. High school graduates went out with former volunteers, Godparents, and visitors that had come to celebrate their day. Once evening fell it was time to come together for a family dinner and a dance that was complete with a DJ and live music. This helped to continue the celebration into the night.

As Father Phil acknowledged during Mass, graduation is a bittersweet time filled with conflicting emotions. The graduates felt proud of their accomplishments, excited to be starting a new chapter of their lives, but also sad to close the last and say goodbye to those that had made it so memorable. In the days following the ceremonies, there was a mix of emotions as the new graduates got ready to start a new school, move to a new home, or even start their year of service. Between transitioning and conflicting emotions, one high school graduate stated, “Certainly, all of these questions have crossed our minds: Where am I going? What do I want in life? Who am I? And what kind of person do I want to be?” With their hard work and dedication, our graduates can find their answers to these questions and continue to succeed regardless of the paths they choose to take.

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Photos below: A primary school graduate receiving her diploma from National Director Rafael Bermudez; The secondary school graduating class with Father Phil Cleary, directors, and teachers; High school graduates with Father Phil Cleary and National Director Rafael Bermudez; High school graduates