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MexicoMexico Facts

758,449 square miles – almost three times the size of Texas

130,739,927 (2024 est.)

Spanish, various indigenous languages

Lack of clean water, deforestation; hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes; illicit drug production and trafficking resulting in a high level of violence

NPH Mexico at a Glance

August 2, 1954

Casa San Salvador is in Miacatlán, 77 miles south of Mexico City

NPH Operates:
Family-style homes, school (grades K – 9), technical high school, medical clinic, farm, and greenhouses

Community Programs include an academic scholarship program, health services and support for low-income families, and NPH OneFamily which provides services to families in need

2023 Impact

589 children and adults supported

222 local people employed

173 K – University graduates

Did You Know?

  • The National Director is an Hermano Mayor (“older brother”), who was raised at NPH Mexico.
  • Casa San Salvador has served as NPH Mexico’s main facility since 1970. Once a sugar plantation, the 130-acre site features primary and
    secondary schools, a clinic, three greenhouses and a farm.
  • Livestock, fish, fruit and vegetables are raised on the farm and 59% of all food consumed at the main home is produced on site.
  • The pequeños attending NPH’s Bachillerato Tecnológico (technical high school) in Cuernavaca live at nearby Casa Buen Señor, where the NPH Mexico and NPH International offices are located.
  • Youths attending universities in Monterrey live at Casa San Luis. In Mexico City, students live in group houses.
  • Ciudad de los Niños (“City of the Children”) was founded by John and Cindy Shinsky and is located on 17 acres of land in Matamoros across the border from Brownsville, Texas. The children attend local schools and some of their caretakers are pequeños in their year of service.
  • On September 19, 2017, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake caused an estimated $5 million in damage to the NPH facilities in Miacatlán and
    Cuernavaca, although thankfully none of our children, volunteers or staff were injured.
  • The community scholarship program allows children from the community to attend NPH’s K-9 and technical high school. This program is providing education and development opportunities to children who otherwise would not have access to them.

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