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A Different Kind of Love Story

During this month leading up to International Women’s Day, we Celebrate Her — Esmeralda, the pequeñas who came before and after her, and the dedicated women who made her success story possible.

Esme with her grandmother before joining the NPH family, and at her high school graduation.Esmeralda (“Esme”) Carballido Sanchez
Hermana Mayor (“Older Sister”), NPH Mexico
February 14, 2024

My Difficult Beginning
Before I was even born in Acapulco, Mexico, my father had already abandoned my mother. Four months after I was born, my mother left me in the care of my paternal grandparents.

Neither were able to read or write and my grandfather did not have steady job.

When I was five years old, my grandfather decided to go to the United States to look for a better future for us. Since then, I have not seen or heard from him.

To earn money to feed us, my grandmother sold bread in the neighborhood and, at only 5 years old, I sold souvenirs on the beach. The neighborhood where I lived was a very dangerous place, where drugs and prostitution were everywhere. It was also a place that as a woman you were considered not worthy.

When I was 12 years old, my grandmother had an accident and she was bed-ridden for a long time. I couldn’t go to school and worked two jobs to pay the bills. I did this for a whole year to be able to pay for medicine and be responsible for my grandmother because she needed me.

NPH Casa Buen Señor Saves Me
A few years later, at the age of 15, I found NPH. For the first time, I felt protected in an environment of love. Being at NPH, I had experiences I had only dreamed of before. Like laughing with classmates, having fun get-togethers with the volunteers and discovering the joys of reading and music. It was there that I learned to play violin. And dance! Something I never imagined that I would ever do.

After completing high school, every NPH pequeño gives at least one year back to our NPH family. This was something totally new to me, and I was afraid of failing and not giving a good example to the girls who were under my care.

I served and helped them as others had helped me. I will never forget the laughter and experiences with my girls.

My Life After NPH
At the end of my service, I enrolled in college classes in Monterrey, Mexico. That meant I would add more friends and new experiences. I was sad to move away from the girls as they grew and prepared for the future, though, like family, I’d still be there for them.

I currently work as an assistant at a company that distributes heavy machinery in Mexico and South America. I live with my best friends in an apartment in Monterrey. Everything we have achieved has been thanks to God and NPH, who have given us the tools to survive in the world outside of NPH.

I have no words to express all my feelings of gratitude. It is a blessing to be part of the NPH family and I know donors share so much of themselves with us.

Today, I sponsor an NPH child!

My godson inspires me and I want to be there for him whenever he needs me. Whenever I see him, he reminds me of myself and those happy moments in Miacatlán.
I am going to work hard to make a good example for him; to help as others helped me; and give him hope and faith in God. Everything is possible with faith, effort and a little help.

NPH has changed my life and transformed me into a woman with a clear purpose—one who wants to give back, and help and love my neighbors always.

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Esmeralda (“Esme”) Carballido Sanchez
Hermana Mayor
NPH Mexico

Photo above: Esme with her grandmother before joining the NPH family, and at her high school graduation.
Photos below: Esme as a baby and young child; learning the violin; with a friend at NPH; and with her sponsors Joe and Marsha Klag of Arizona.

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