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A Passion for Food

Assisted by an off-campus nutritionist, NPH Peru takes pride in their daily meals.

Enjoying a meal in the dining hallReported by Anna Hester
Communication Officer, NPH Peru

January 5, 2016

In a country that is increasingly known for its cuisine, here at Casa Santa Rosa we also take pride in our daily meals. Assisted by an off-campus nutritionist, we strive to make our meals well-balanced and nutritious for our family. Every day our two cooks prepare meals for all of our children, volunteers, and staff members of the home. We have a light breakfast, a hearty lunch, and typically soup for dinner. Usually on Wednesdays we have meat. Our breakfasts and our dinners are accompanied by a dinner roll. Tortillas are not very common here in Peru, but we always have “pan” (bread) twice a day. Also, thanks to a variety of donors, we have fruit salad for Saturday breakfast, a medley of in season fruit that is topped with cereal and yogurt.

When there are important events in the home we have special meals, which are usually accompanied by a type of meat. Sometimes it may be “lomo saltado” or rotisserie chicken. One time we even had ceviche!

We are also striving to become more self-sufficient. We have a small plot of land where we have grown a variety of vegetables such as beans and lots of beets. Our lunch is usually accompanied with a salad. Sometimes it is cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. Other times it is cabbage or “ensalada rusa,”which is a beet salad with a variety of vegetables. Usually those vegetables are coming from our garden.

Food is not something we just enjoy here in our home, it has become a passion for some of our pequeños. Our very first post-secondary school graduate was from culinary school and we currently have another university student who is studying tourism, hotel management, and gastronomy. A part of her studies requires making dishes to present to her professors.

Before we eat, we always give thanks for the food and pray for those who may need it. Then we conclude our meal with the same prayer.

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Photo above: Enjoying a meal in the dining hall.
Photos below: One of our girls helping out in the kitchen; the children like to eat outside when the weather is nice.