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First Female National Director of NPH El Salvador

Dora Lemus will succeed Olegario Campos as the new National Director of El Salvador.

NPH El Salvador's new director, Dora LemusReported by Gia Riney
Director of Communications, NPH International

December 6, 2019

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International is pleased to announce Hermana Mayor (“Older Sister”) Dora Lemus Serrano as the new NPH El Salvador National Director, starting in January 2020. She succeeds National Director Olegario Campos, an Hermano Mayor (“Older Brother”) who was raised at NPH Mexico and is retiring after 20 years of service to NPH El Salvador. Dora Lemus will be the first woman to serve as NPH El Salvador’s National Director.

National Director is an important leadership position within our organization and family. In addition to overseeing a wide range of operational activities, the National Director is principally charged with transmitting Fr. Wasson’s philosophy of family and imparting the values of love and security, sharing, responsibility, work, and faith. Dora joins the Operations Team of National Directors, Services Directors, and other NPHI staff tasked with supporting the staff, volunteers, and pequeños working tirelessly to bring forward our NPH mission.

In her new role, Dora will provide strategic and operational leadership for the NPH El Salvador family, while supporting the care of all children and youth in accordance with NPH’s mission, vision, principles, and values. Working closely with local staff and a support team from NPH International, she will oversee all administrative functions and a wide variety of childcare and family & community strengthening programs.

A native of El Salvador, Dora entered NPH when she was just 15 years old. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Universidad Modular Abierta in San Salvador, El Salvador. She has served in various roles in NPH El Salvador and NPH Honduras, among them psychologist and Family Services Coordinator. Also, Dora is a graduate of the NPH Seattle Institute, a leadership development program for promising youth.

Dora is a proud member of the NPH family. She enjoys being able to transform lives, support her younger brothers and sisters, and play an important role in their development. And she is grateful for the support of those who believe in and help the NPH family from around the world.

Dora explains, “NPH has given me amazing opportunities—to go to college, to pursue my passion of helping children, to learn to be a leader.” She feels ready for this important responsibility and appreciates the unique challenges of the National Director role. Dora describes herself as fair, respectful, a fighter, helpful and kind—all attributes that will serve her well as she leads the Salvadoran organization.

Dora is excited to step into this new leadership role next year. She says, “I feel happy and blessed to be named National Director of NPH El Salvador. I am excited to meet the challenges of this special opportunity and lead the El Salvador team as we work together to continue making a difference in the lives of all the children and youth who benefit from the programs offered by NPH El Salvador. As a team all working together, we will strive to maintain our NPH values and the philosophy of love and responsibility for one another that fills our Home.”

Please join NPH in congratulating Dora. We wish her much success in her new role.

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