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Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Child Sponsorship Ambassador Program

Join us in our efforts to gain sponsors for children in our NPH homes! The Child Sponsorship Ambassador program is a group of passionate NPH supporters who are helping to connect more people from our region with children in the nine countries with NPH homes through promoting sponsorship. Help us find sponsors by simply telling a child’s story, sharing your experience of sponsoring with others, or posting the child’s photos on social media outlets!

General Mission:

The NPH USA Child Sponsorship Ambassador program is vital to the continued success of the organization. Child Sponsorship Ambassadors are passionate NPH supporters who will help to connect more people from our region with children in our nine NPH homes through promoting sponsorship.


  1. Help to promote sponsorship with a goal of securing three sponsorships in a year.
  2. Become a child sponsor yourself for a child in one of our NPH homes.
  3. Participate in calls with ambassador chair and regional staff to share ideas and feedback.
  4. Share ideas through Child Ambassador Sponsorship Facebook page.
  5. Motivate and inspire others to spread the NPH mission.

Suggested Ideas:

  1. Promote sponsorship through Facebook and other social media outlets.
  2. Email family and friends with sponsorship information and children in need of sponsors.
  3. Facilitate an event or sponsorship drive through a school, church, friends, etc.
Sponsor Ambassador



•  Child Sponsorship Program (PDF)
•  Ambassador Program Flyer (PDF)
•  Fundraisers Guide (PDF)


Regional Staff Contact Information:
Casey Rector
Development Coordinator, NPH USA
Phone: 617.206.4940

If you are interested in becoming a School Ambassador, please complete the form below and/or contact Casey Rector at or (617) 206-4940 for more information.

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