8,129 children and adults
are being supported in nine countries

Mid-Atlantic/Northeast School Ambassadors

General Mission:

The NPH USA School Ambassadors are vital to the continued success of the organization. School Ambassadors help connect more young people from our region with children in our nine NPH homes through promoting service and cultural education.

School Partnership Opportunities:

  1. NPH clubs engage together in supporting NPH.
  2. Teach students the value of service through annual fundraisers.
  3. Create cultural learning experiences for your students during the annual Pequeño Tour.
  4. Use classroom child sponsorship as a tool to write and receive letters from a child in an NPH home and learn about their country.
  5. Experience NPH first hand through student service trips.

Whether traveling or at home, students are involved, learning about the mission of NPH USA, writing letters to their Latin American peers, collecting needed supplies to send to the home, and doing local fundraising. Students learn about the life and culture of another country, discuss issues of poverty and unequal distribution of resources, and appreciate the value of taking action. They hear first-hand stories of children born into poverty and rescued from neglect and abandonment, children determined to put their past behind them and dream of a better future.

Ways to Support NPH as a School:

NPH Club

  • The more brain power, the better! Students can join together to support NPH as a student-led club, gaining service hours and experience with non-profit organizations.
School Ambassador



•  School Sponsorship Program
•  School Program Flyer (PDF)
•  Fundraisers Guide (PDF)
•  Pequeño Tour: Schools (PDF)


Regional Staff Contact Information:
Casey Rector
Development Coordinator, NPH USA
Email: crector@nphusa.org
Phone: 617.206.4940

Classroom Child Sponsorship

  • Sponsor a child as a class
  • Write and receive letters to and from the child
  • Learn about their country and culture
  • Receive classroom materials like a Child/Country Info Poster

Annual Fundraisers

Student Service Trip Program

  • Visit an NPH home to supplement curriculum and learn about new cultures first-hand (FLYER COMING SOON!)

Pequeño Tour

Support a Project!

NPH Peru NPH Peru – Nutrition: Healthy Meals for Growing Up!
Peru has made substantial progress in reducing hunger and malnutrition in the country, but stills faces several challenges, especially in rural areas. 25% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition in Peru, which can limit children’s capacity to learn, classroom participation, school performance, and abilities. In our family here in Peru, one of our priorities is to provide a balanced and varied menu to our children.
NPH Mexico NPH Mexico – Sustainability: Clean Water for Our Children
1 in 10 people in the world live without clean water, including some of our children before they arrived at NPH. As a result, many of our children suffered from parasites and even life-threatening illnesses before arriving at our clinic in need of urgent care. In areas where clean water is not an option, NPH makes it one; whether it be setting up a filtration system or digging a well. Thanks to international support, NPH brings this precious resource to our children to protect their right to clean water and sanitation, so that they have the opportunity to grow up with healthy bodies and minds.
NPH Honduras NPH Honduras – Childcare: Support Our Baby’s Homes
Honduras is the second poorest nation in Central America, with 66% of the population living in poverty due to unemployment and low wages. This has a very negative impact on children, and as a result Honduras has one of the highest child mortality rates in Latin America. Only 51% of children are registered in primary schools, due to parents not being able to afford schooling or uniforms, and children are often forced into employment. Many children come from single-parent families where the mother or father cannot provide care for their children, sometimes leaving them at home while they go to work. With your support, we can provide our youngest pequeños with a healthy living space, and ensure our homes are functional and safe for years to come. Our pequeños can feel part of a family, help in the daily life of the home and also feel empowered and be educated.
NPH Dominican Republic Dominican Republic – Education: Basic Education for Community Children
This school year 80 new children joined our NPH School from local communities. These children come from the bateyes, which are very poor villages of sugar cane workers. These field workers are largely from the neighboring country of Haiti or other Caribbean islands, and are considered to be the lowest social class in the Dominican Republic. The new community children study together with our live-in students, and spend the day together with us in the home from 8am until 4pm, or longer for extra activities, like church, sports, or celebrations. During the day they receive breakfast and lunch, as well as full medical care, such as general check-ups, eye exams, dental care, and care for special medical cases or emergencies. We are really happy to provide education and a safe place for these children from the community.
NPH Haiti's St. Damien Pediatric Hospital NPH Haiti – Healthcare: St. Damien: Oncology Ward
St. Damien is the only pediatric hospital in Haiti that has a pediatric oncology program. Before St. Damien opened its oncology program, only children from wealthy families could afford to receive treatment from hospitals in other countries. All of our treatment plans, serving children 0 to 14 years old, are offered at no cost to the family. In 2017, St. Damien assisted more than 337 patients.
NPH El Salvador NPH El Salvador – Childcare: Personal Christmas Gifts for Every Child
What makes celebrating Christmas so special? Being together, eating, singing, enjoying the time with loved ones and, of course, looking into the shiny eyes of the children when they receive their gifts. Most of our children come from a background where they did not even have access to food on a regular basis or adequate clothes they could wear. Here in our home, we take care of that and we provide our children with everything they need to grow up. This year we will surprise our children with a special Christmas Gift: every child will receive a new fun outfit, like shirt, pants/skirt and sneakers/shoes.

If you are interested in becoming a School Ambassador, please complete the form below and/or contact Casey Rector at crector@nphusa.org or (617) 206-4940 for more information.