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Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Associate Board – Bios


Current City: Boston, MA

Role: Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: In 2005, I was able to participate in a service trip to El Rancho (Honduras home) with my 8th grade Spanish class. During the trip I made lifelong friendships and committed to having NPH be a part of my life again in the future. In 2014 I joined the international volunteer cohort as a computer teacher (6 months). The remainder of my time as a volunteer, I was an English teacher and tutor. My fortune of being a part of the NPH family has also included brief visits to NPH El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala. I hope to see the other homes and go back to Honduras whenever I can.

Fun Fact: My family’s dog, Tay-Goose is named for the magical city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


Current City: Boston, MA

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I learned about NPH through a “Year of Service” event at my alma mater, Saint Joseph’s University. In 2012 spent a year at NPH Mexico as an International Volunteer serving as the Communications Office and have been a part of the NPH family ever since. In 2017 I joined the NPH USA Northeast’s fundraising team and now that I am in graduate school I am staying involved through the Associate Board. NPH will always be an important part of my life and I’m excited to remain an active member of the NPH family in this new capacity!

Fun Fact: I have visited 5 of the NPH homes (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic) and my goal is to visit the remaining 4 some day (Bolivia, El Salvador, Haiti, and Peru).


Current City: New York, NY

Role: Treasurer

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I learned about NPH in grade school while growing up in Arizona.  My school was very connected with the organization and I got the opportunity to visit the home in Mexico several times.  In 2007, I completed my Eagle Project for the home in Miacatlán, where I constructed bookshelves for the library and raised funds to stock it with books.  I’ve spent the past decade on the East Coast and decided to get more involved in supporting the mission of NPH across my community.

Fun Fact: I typically travel over 100,000 miles a year, have lived in both Beijing and Mexico City, and am studying to be a specialist in wine.  I currently hold a Level II Award in Wines from the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust.


Current City: Raleigh, NC

Role: Community Engagement Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: Right after graduating from college, I started looking for opportunities where I could put my passion and the skills I learned in school to good use. I came across the opportunity to be an associate board member with NPH and after researching the company, those involved in the organization, and reviewing the website, it became clearer than ever that this was a community I wanted to be a part of. The passion and dedication this organization has to help others was comparable to my own – it was obvious that this was a call I was meant to answer and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Fun Fact: I went skydiving on April’s Fools Day in 2017 – I thought it would be a funny joke to my mom! Hint: she didn’t think it was very funny.

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