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Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Associate Board – Bios


Current City: Boston, MA

Role: Co-Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: As a school counselor, I have been lucky enough to take a group of rowdy teenage boys three times to the NPH home in Guatemala.  I was hooked immediately!  As I have continued to expand my own network and support my community at home and abroad, volunteering on the Associate Board for NPH felt like a perfect fit!

Fun Fact: I have used the same fun fact for my entire life…I don’t know how to ride a bike!


Current City: Boston, MA

Role: Co-Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: In 2005, I was able to participate in a service trip to El Rancho (Honduras home) with my 8th grade Spanish class.  During the trip I made lifelong friendships and committed to having an NPH be a part of my life again in the future.  In 2014, after college, I was able to join the international volunteer cohort as a computer teacher (6 months) and then English teacher and tutor.  My fortune of being a part of the NPH family has also included brief visits to NPH El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala.  I hope to see the other homes and go back to Honduras whenever I can.

Fun Fact: I have never used Spotify, Instagram, or Snapchat.


Current City: New York, NY

Role: Treasurer

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I learned about NPH in grade school while growing up in Arizona.  My school was very connected with the organization and I got the opportunity to visit the home in Mexico several times.  In 2007, I completed my Eagle Project for the home in Miacatlán, where I constructed bookshelves for the library and raised funds to stock it with books.  I’ve spent the past decade on the East Coast and decided to get more involved in supporting the mission of NPH across my community.

Fun Fact: I typically travel over 100,000 miles a year, have lived in both Beijing and Mexico City, and am studying to be a specialist in wine.  I currently hold a Level II Award in Wines from the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust.


Current City: Somerville, MA

Role: Secretary

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found NPH through family friends, Dr. and Mrs. Fessler, who opened the One World Surgery Dental Clinic at NPH Honduras.

Fun Fact: My time at NPH inspired me to become a certified Medical Spanish Interpreter once I returned to the US!


Current City: Providence, Rhode Island

Role: Media & Marketing Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I was first introduced to NPH through my longtime friend and NPH Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Association Development Coordinator Casey Rector. Through her, I started to learn about the organization’s mission and join in small ways, tagging along to an event here or there and donating. Then in spring of 2020, I got more directly involved, volunteering my services to design materials for virtual trivia nights, participating in monthly Zoom meetings, and finally accepting the positions as Media & Marketing Chair.

Fun Fact: I moved around a lot growing up – including overseas! – so I love discovering new countries and cultures.


Current City: Raleigh, NC

Role: Community Engagement Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: Right after graduating from college, I started looking for opportunities where I could put my passion and the skills I learned in school to good use. I came across the opportunity to be an associate board member with NPH and after researching the company, those involved in the organization, and reviewing the website, it became clearer than ever that this was a community I wanted to be a part of. The passion and dedication this organization has to help others was comparable to my own – it was obvious that this was a call I was meant to answer and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Fun Fact: I went skydiving on April’s Fools Day in 2017 – I thought it would be a funny joke to my mom! Hint: she didn’t think it was very funny.


Current City: Boston, MA

Role: Event Chair

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I learned about NPH through a friend who was on the board, was inspired by the mission and impact of the organization, and quickly joined.  I found this quote recently: “I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” Being on the NPH board makes me feel like I am doing my part.

Fun Fact:I love travelling and on one trip to the Caribbean, I was lucky enough to give a wild stingray a smooch!


Current City: Boston, MA

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I learned about NPH from a friend who is on the NPH board. I decided to become a board member because I have a passion for Latin America as well as wanting to make a difference in this world.

Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling to other countries and learning about their cultures. My favorite place to travel/volunteer is a monkey rescue and rehabilitation center in the Amazon where the monkeys can live safe and free in their natural habitat.


Current City: Boston, MA

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer internationally and increase my Spanish language capacity. I had always considered the Peace Corp but found NPH on a website with alternatives to the Peace Corp and decided it was what I wanted to do! After spending my time at NPHG I needed something to do to keep me connected to the community and organization that I missed so much so joined the associate board!

Fun Fact: I went to Siena College. I never thought I’d say this when I was living in Guatemala, but sometimes I just really want frijoles for dinner!


Current City: Boston, MA

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I heard about this amazing organization through the Boston Network for International Development. I have personal and professional experience supporting organizations in capacity building, coalition development, and community empowerment.

Fun Fact: I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Western Highlands in Guatemala from 2016 – 2018. I lived in Mayan Indigenous community where the main language is K’iche’. Utz Apetik means Welcome!


Current City: Lima, Peru/Boston, MA

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: Through an in-country connection with the NPH Peru home. In addition to my passion for helping to create impact in Latin America, I love the family model, international community and strength of the NPH family. The opportunity to learn from one another to make a difference for thousands of children is inspiring and leads to greater future potential.

Fun Fact: I live and work just two hours north of the NPH Peru home as the Director of Development for a home just like NPH! We are rooted in a family based model based on the BoysTown Program and have histories that parallel one another.


Current City: Highland Park, NJ

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I found out about NPH from a Spanish professor whose daughter had volunteered in NPH Honduras. I served as the Communications Official at NPH Guatemala from July of 2019 until March 2020, when I was sadly forced back home by COVID-19. I went because I wanted the general experience of volunteering overseas. After living in Guatemala and witnessing things firsthand, however, I became very impressed by the mission of NPH in particular.

Fun Fact: While serving at NPH Guatemala (NPHG), I had the chance to represent NPHG at an official event and shake hands with the German ambassador to Guatemala.


Current City: Washington, D.C.

How you learned about NPH/why you got involved: I was looking for a long term volunteer program and found NPH on a list of over 100 programs and it turned out to be the best! I always knew that I wanted to work with orphans after seeing the Save The Children commercials and being an orphan myself having lost both parents at a young age. I also wanted to immerse myself in Spanish.

Fun Fact: I graduated from University of Maryland College Park and survived the Golpe de estado (swine flu) and earthquake while in Honduras as a volunteer.

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