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NPH USA supporters have fun and make a difference by organizing and hosting their own events and giving campaigns, raising funds for and awareness of our work with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do events/giving campaigns work?

An individual, family or group organizes and hosts a special event to support NPH USA and the children of NPH. The supporter generously provides the time and resources to hold the event, with NPH USA staff offering guidance and assistance. You can also organize a giving campaign that does not feature a specific event.

What do I need to do to host an event?

Having an event is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Consult with NPH USA staff
  2. Plan the event, including finding a venue
  3. Set goals for results
  4. Establish a budget for expenses
  5. Provide payment for expenses and/or find event sponsors
  6. Invite people and introduce them to the important work of NPH USA/NPH
  7. Raise money to support the vital needs of the children at NPH homes
  8. Promote the child sponsorship program

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•  Fundraisers Guide (PDF)


What support can I expect from NPH USA?

You can expect:

  • Staff support to help you organize the event
  • Promotional assistance, including posting on our website, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • A registration and/or donation form on our website
  • A keynote speaker*
  • Informational materials to distribute at the event
  • Child sponsorship materials
  • Volunteers on the day of the event*

* Depending on event location


Unfortunately, NPH USA cannot:

  • Find sponsors for your event
  • Set up a Facebook “widget” (due to privacy issues)
  • Organize an online auction
  • Pay for event expenses

How much does running an event cost?

Event expenses typically include printing and mailing invitations, purchasing refreshments, and renting a facility and/or audio/visual equipment. We suggest you aim for a fundraising/expense ratio of 80/20 or better. For example, if your goal is to raise $1,000, you should have no more than $200 in expenses.

Why can’t NPH USA pay for my event?

NPH USA budgets only for those events organized by our regional offices. We do not budget for additional events run independently and are unable to contribute to, or pay for those. We encourage you to try to find sponsors and in-kind donors for your event.

What is an event sponsor?

An individual or organization who makes a monetary donation to help cover event expenses. Before you seek sponsors, you will first need to set a budget so that you know how much funding you need.

What is an in-kind donor?

An individual or organization who donates goods or offers a discount on the supplies and/or services for your event. This can include performances, food and beverages, and facility rental fees.

Finding event sponsors and in-kind donors for your event means even more support directed to NPH USA and the thousands of children at the NPH homes! Contributions of money, goods and services for events to benefit NPH USA are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. NPH USA will provide a written acknowledgment of any gift for tax reporting purposes. Contact your regional office for more information!

What event should I host?

The kind of event you host is entirely up to you. Formal or informal, only for your existing acquaintances or open to the public, they’re all great, because they help children!

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You can also contact your regional office to discuss how you can best help with an event.

How can I create a custom website for my event or campaign?

We would be happy to help you get a website prepared. Just contact us!

My child wants to help – how can he/she do that?

People of all ages have run successful events and campaigns for NPH USA. See our Ideas for Kids here!

How can I raise funds for NPH USA without hosting an event?

A giving campaign is a great way to support the children of NPH without putting on an event. Examples include:


We would be happy to assist you with your campaign. Just contact us!

For more information about hosting an event or campaign, please contact your regional NPH USA office.

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