351 children and adults in our homes
have chronic health conditions

Our Impact: Medicine and Health

Health Issues in Latin America

Over half the children in the developing world are severely deprived of basic necessities, including adequate shelter, proper nutrition, safe water and quality health care.

  • Almost half of the people in Latin America live in poverty which contributes to low levels of health care.
  • 43% of children under the age of 5 are chronically malnourished in Guatemala.
  • 40% of the population has no access to health care in Nicaragua and El Salvador.
  • 138,000 children in Haiti die each year from preventable diseases.
  • Across Latin America 1.5 million people live with HIV/AIDS.
  • Insect and water-borne diseases present large medical challenges across the region.

NPH El SalvdorHealthcare at NPH

Prior to joining our family, many of our children have never visited a doctor or dentist and are often suffering from malnutrition and/or preventable diseases. All children receive a health check upon arrival and are vaccinated as needed. If a child is ill, or has a chronic condition, the NPH medical staff ensures that he/she receives evidence-based treatment, safe cost-effective medicines, and any necessary therapy, including physical, occupational, art, speech and psychological. The staff also focuses on establishing healthy lifestyles so children can do well in school and excel as members of the NPH family. Each home emphasizes wellness programs that include nutrition, hygiene, health education, sports and recreation programs.

In addition to ensuring the good health of the children, NPH performs outreach for surrounding communities. For example, St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti treats over 100 children per day, and the Holy Family Surgery Center in Honduras provides outpatient services for NPH children and the rural poor as well as medical training. Overall, thousands of children inside and outside the NPH family receive quality medical care each year through our healthcare programs.

NPH Mexico2021 NPH Health Services at a Glance

19,801 Medical consults
1,996 Vaccine doses
1,937 Therapies (physical, occupational, speech, psychological)
2,078 Dental treatments
351 Children and adults with chronic conditions, disabilities or special needs living in NPH homes
603 Children and adults outside the home with disabilities or special needs receiving support from NPH

NPH Dominican RepublicHow you can help

NPH spends over $6.5 million annually on providing the quality care necessary to keep our children healthy. Your gift can help our children grow into caring and productive adults.

$5,000 pays the annual salary for a nurse at an NPH home
$10,000 supports the medical clinic for one month at NPH El Salvador
$15,000 provides basic medicine for the 94 children at NPH Peru for one year
$25,000 delivers medical care to the children at NPH Haiti for three months
$60,000 supports the medical expenses at NPH Mexico for six months



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