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GuatemalaGuatemala Facts

42,042 square miles – slightly smaller than Pennsylvania

17,980,803 (2023 est.)

Spanish (official) 69.9%, Maya languages 29.7%, other 0.4%; there are more than 20 officially recognized Amerindian languages

Predominantly poor country that struggles in several areas of health and development, including infant, child, and maternal mortality, malnutrition, literacy; soil erosion; water pollution

Discover NPH Guatemala

NPH’s fifth home for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children was established in rented facilities in 1996. The family moved to their new home, named Casa San Andres, which is situated 4,900 feet above sea level in Guatemala’s highlands, in August 2003.

NPH Guatemala at a Glance

November 11, 1996

Casa San Andres Home is in Parramos, 16 miles from Antigua and an hour northwest of Guatemala City

NPH Operates:
Family-style home, school (grades K – 9), medical clinic, farm and greenhouse, vocational workshops

Community Programs include Sagrada Familia Daycare Center in Parramos, the NPH Guatemala Education Center, and NPH OneFamily which provides services to families in need

2022 Impact
626 children and adults supported

125 local people employed

79 K – University graduates

Did you know?

  • The school year in Guatemala is January – October. The curriculum includes Spanish, social studies, natural sciences, English, arts and crafts, music and sports.
  • There are five nationally certified vocational workshops: Baking, Cooking, Carpentry, Metalwork, and Sewing.
  • The Family Bakery offers fresh pastries made on site, and coffee to help local fundraising. It is staffed by students who gain professional experience and business management skills.
  • The Smile Shop is an integrated learning store for children and young adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. Participants make and sell healthy snacks, attend to clients, and manage resources, thereby learning skills for independence.
  • The NPH OneFamily program reintegrates and supports youth from the NPH home who are now able to live with their biological families.
  • The Chicas Poderosas (“Powerful Girls”) program helps prepare and empower girls by building self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence.
  • In 2021, nearly 100 pequeños from both the home and the community graduated from grades K – 12, and 250 community children were served through the NPH Guatemala Education Center. Women from the local community were supported through vocational workshops that focused on skills and empowerment. These programs resulted in many of these women successfully opening their own businesses.

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