Saving Lives in Haiti
since 1989

Appeal Letter 2023

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Hello friends,

As a [doctor; nurse, myself; medical professional;…], I am keenly aware of the burdens and high stress placed upon nursing staff daily. Day shifts can be excruciatingly long, made even more difficult by staffing shortages. Competent, caring nurses are precious.

International Nurse’s Day is on May 12th, and I find myself thinking about the nurses at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti. I’m very proud to serve on the St. Damien Collaborative board and, knowing the tremendous challenges we face in our well-funded US hospitals, I can’t even imagine what it is like in Haiti.

St. Damien is terribly under-resourced and is stationed in a “Red Zone.” Each day courageous and committed staff risk their own lives to serve and save children and treat expectant mothers.

The hospital is the only one, in a country of nearly 12 million, wholly dedicated to high-risk maternity and pediatric care, including oncology. Yet, being fully reliant upon donations, essential supplies we stockpile are lacking at this vital hospital.

For International Nurse’s Day, we have identified a simple way to help. The staff at St. Damien need Scrubs! To be exact, they are in need of at least 1,508 scrub sets now. Scrubs are essential protective gear that we in the US just take for granted. Will you please help us replenish St. Damien’s supply?

Just $35 will buy one set of scrubs. This won’t end the horrific violence or keep every Haitian safe from harm but we can act now to support the tireless, heroic nurses at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti. Please contribute a set of scrubs to a nurse in Haiti and share with friends and family to reach our goal.

[sign as you typically would]