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Year At a Glance

Numbers as of 12/31/2022

children, youth, adolescents and adults supported: 8,129
Bolivia: 133
Dominican Republic: 602
El Salvador: 325
Guatemala: 626
Haiti: 3,686
Honduras: 530
Mexico: 1,170
Nicaragua: 565
Peru: 66

New arrivals: 211

Services provided through community outreach programs: 88,406

Volunteers that served at NPH homes: 41

Local people employed: 2,155

Education | Graduates

Kindergarten: 208
6th Grade: 208
9th Grade: 158
High School Graduates: 254
Technical School: 76
Vocational Workshops: 116
University Graduates: 57

Children from low-income households who attend NPH schools: 2,856
Children living with family who receive academic scholarships to other schools: 314
Local people employed in education: 356

Health Services

Well child visits: 1,751
Vaccinations: 3,426
Physician consults: 7,368
Nurse consults: 10,470
Therapies (physical, occupational, speech): 11,296
Dental services: 1,779
Diagnosis for chronic conditions: 428
HIV+ and AIDS patients: 26
Children with disabilities with disabilities or learning difficulties living in NPH homes: 221
People outside the home with disabilities or learning difficulties receiving support from NPH: 924

Meals served at NPH homes every day: 16,000+ (children, staff and volunteers)

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