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Visitor Information & Background Check Request

For independent or 3rd-party trips prearranged with an NPH home.

Thank you for your interest in visiting an NPH home! This form is to be completed only AFTER a trip has been confirmed with an NPH home. To ensure the safety of the children NPH cares for, NPH requires all adult travelers to complete a background check and to electronically submit required visitor documentation. All visitors who are 18 or over, or who will be 18 on the date of their visit to an NPH home, must complete the form below at least 30 days prior to their visit so that NPH USA can submit the request for their background check and send them the required visitor documentation to complete. Once received, NPH USA will forward all submitted information to the NPH home for review. A separate form must be submitted for EACH adult visitor.

Background checks are valid for one year from the date they are processed. If you believe that you have a current background check on file from a previous trip, please indicate this in the form below.

Additionally, minor visitors must have required visitor documentation on file. If you will be traveling with a minor/minors, please indicate this as well as the name of the minor(s) in the form below. NPH USA will send the required visitor documentation for minors to the email that you provide below.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact the National Trips Coordinator at