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How does a gift of a university education help to break the cycle of poverty?

Q: Why does NPH support its students all the way through college?

Education is an essential part of the NPH model. As a family, we strive to provide every opportunity for our children to succeed in life, and a quality education is an important building block for that success. As our founder Fr. Wasson said, “Education will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born.” Students who do not go to college can still earn a high school degree and vocational certification in a trade so that they can find meaningful work.

Q: What does my gift of a university scholarship provide?

Most university degrees in Latin America and the Caribbean take an average of 5 years to complete. A $5,000 University Scholarship provides one year of university study for one student, including full room and board, transportation related costs, books and supplies, tuition, registration, and related fees. Scholarships can be a one-time gift or pledged annually for the duration of a student’s university tenure (up to 5 years). An NPH University Angel Scholarship is a $25,000 gift that provides full tenure of university study for one student. You may also give a scholarship in memory of a loved one.

Q: Will I get to choose the NPH university student(s) I wish to support?

We will match you with a student or group of students in need of support that fit your specific interests and giving preference. You can choose to provide a scholarship for one student or a group of students in a specific country and track of study, for one year or up to 5 years. You’ll receive background information about your sponsored student(s), their photo, and information about ways to communicate with and visit your scholar if possible.

Q: May I make a pledged commitment to be paid over time?

Yes. You can pledge a one-year sponsorship of $5,000 over the course of the year, or make a pledge to cover multiple years on a giving plan that fits your giving preference.

Q: Do I have to commit to more than a year of support at a time?

University Scholarships range from 1 to 5 years. We have students in their final year of study at university who are in need of scholarships as well as first-year students entering university.

Q: Will I be able visit my NPH student or attend their graduation?

NPH will make every effort to accommodate visits to meet your sponsored student when possible. In some countries, it is possible to attend graduation. Visit inquiries must be made with our NPH USA national office: or 888-201-8880.

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