Advanced Technical Scholarship Program

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NPH USA transforms the lives of vulnerable children in Latin America and the Caribbean by supporting the homes, health services and educational programs of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”). Together, we help children overcome poverty and become leaders in their own communities. Founded in 1954, NPH is currently supporting more than 6,300 boys and girls in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. In addition, our community outreach programs serve thousands of people each year.

How We Transform Lives

LOVE AND SECURITY: providing care, engagement and stability in preparation for a meaningful and productive life.
RESPONSIBILITY: learning to respond to the needs of others, both individually and collectively.
SHARING: developing kindness, empathy and care for others through what we say and do.
WORK: contributing to one’s family and community on the path to independence.
FAITH AND SERVICE: putting Christian values into action.

Technical students


NPH envisions a world in which our students reach their individual potential to serve their communities, and recognizes that contributing productively to society depends on the unique abilities of each student. By focusing on our core principles, we ensure that each student follows their self-developed goals, which can include higher education, vocational training, or productive programs for students with special needs.

NPH students demonstrate a desire for being the best they can be: ethical, responsible, caring individuals who apply our core NPH principles to their everyday lives. NPH encourages its students to actively contribute to their communities, achieve their individual goals and live out their faith and values to the best of their abilities.

NPH ensures that every child in our family has a variety of opportunities and areas from which to discover their talents and passion. While many of our youth pursue traditional university studies after high school, we recognize that others are equally called to a technical career or may not qualify for university. By offering educational paths in both tracks, we ensure that all of the children in our care can grow to be contributing and productive members in their communities and countries.



Meeting the Demand for Skilled Labor

A gift of a Technical Scholarship helps to cover the cost of tuition, materials, and room and board for students as they earn an advanced title and professional certificate in their technical field after high school.

Most of our children are introduced to different skills through the technical workshops offered at the homes in our middle and high schools. Depending on the country, these technical workshops include carpentry, cosmetology, culinary arts, electrical engineering, sewing and upholstery, hospitality and tourism, and IT. Technical workshops help our youth discover their passions and build critical skill sets for employment following high school. While some students may graduate high school and begin practicing their trade right away, many of the technical fields now require advanced training post high school, which is often located outside the home in the nearest city.

The Ripple Effect of a Technical Scholarship

Technical and higher education increases productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean, while improving competitiveness and opportunities for youth to join the labor force. Even in the most developed countries, not all youth have access to university education, but young
people can remain competitive in the labor market without a university education by obtaining a technical certification. Your gift helps prepare and equip our youth for financial independence once they have left the NPH community.

Technical students


As our founder Fr. Wasson said, “Education will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born.” With support from our generous donors, NPH provides every opportunity for our children to succeed in life, and a quality education is essential for their success.

A gift of a $1,500 Technical Scholarship provides advanced technical training for one student, including all tools and supplies, full room and board, transportation related costs and tuition.

Advanced technical training and certification varies by field and country, ranging 1-2 years. Whether you choose to provide a scholarship for one student or a group of students in a specific country and vocation, you will receive:

icon_envelope-mcnc-72 Introductory information about your sponsored student(s) along with their photo
icon_envelope-mcnc-72 Regular progress updates
icon_envelope-mcnc-72 The opportunity to connect through letters, emails and visits when possible

Your generous support will help our students grow to their full potential, shaping better futures for themselves, their families and their communities. Please contact us for more information about giving an Advanced Technical Scholarship.

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NPH USA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Federal Tax ID# 65-1229309. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. All donated funds are diligently appropriated and an audited financial statement is available upon request. Read our Charitable Solicitation Disclosure Statements, here.

For more information about our Tehnical Scholarship Program or sponsoring a student, please contact your NPH USA Regional Director.

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