Summer Sounds Virtual Music Concert



 “We are from NPH El Salvador. We grew up in the home and we want to share our musical talent with you. Thank you for all you do! We hope you enjoy the show.”

Traditional Music From El Salvador

“Thank you So much for joining our performance today. We appreciate your support!”

Traditional Music From Mexico

“I’m a former pequeÑo and I have the privilege to work with the kids in Miacatlán, Mexico.”


“A very special welcome to NPH USA…I’m grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me to participate in this big event that will be really helpful for  our brothers and sisters.”

Pop Rock · ENGLISH Subtitles Available, click CC in the Youtube video

“I am from the NPH Dominican Republic house…I entered NPH when I was Seven with my brother who’s name is Joel. For us, it’s been a blessing…Because they’ve given us education, love, a family, food, everything that you need in life.”

R&B & Urban Pop · ENGLISH Subtitles Available, click CC in the Youtube video

“I wrote this song for all the people who take a little time to think in NPH Projects. With your help, we can change the life to many people, many children.”


“What I love about NPH USA Is it’s commitment and striving dedication to do the best  for young children, teenagers and young adults who need it the most in some of the hardest hit communities…and their commitment to nourishing, and teaching and educating the entire person, mind, body and spirit, not just focusing on one area.”

Pop Music

“This Charity I love and support Because I think it’s very important for children to have structure, love and support in their lives.”

Rock Pop, Indie

“One of my favorite things about this organization is hearing about and seeing the amazing things that the children and families that are supported, What they do with the opportunities that they’re given. Becoming leaders in their own communities, just being very inspiring humans.”


“…What really matters is that we come together to change the lives of these children.”

Swing Metal

“We are in awe of the phenomenal work done by the entire NPH team to help vulnerable youths overcome  Obstacles and thrive in their education and beyond.”

Swing Metal

“A big thank you to all the NPH crew USA.  Absolutely love the work, fantastic, great charity and we are delighted to get behind the charity to support these live streams!”


“My friend turned me onto NPH USA years ago.  My family has been very fortunate and we love to give back. So remember to get involved with NPH USA, we have been doing so for some time now.  It’s a great organization!”

Indie Artist

“Without a doubt, August 2nd is a very important date in the hearts of the Pequeños Hermanos. Who now, for many generations, have emerged  prepared with a stronger heart because of the hope that reached them.”

Latin · ENGLISH Subtitles Available, click CC in the Youtube video

“I’m hoping that some of the music that you’ve heard tonight and throughout the concert has inspired you to give generously. NPH needs your help. They need your help – they need to do more for the children and the communities that they serve..”


“NPH Does a lot of really great work for children that are living in poverty in central america, south america and the Caribbean.”

Pop Rock

“I Hope you’re catching the vision and the heart of NPH and their love for children…In 2018 I was able to spend some time in NPH HONDURAS, and  I experienced first hand just the love that these children receive  from the staff, from the volunteers there.”

Contemporary Singer Songwriter

“Please consider donation NPH USA today.  They provide services to children in 9 different countries which is especially important right now.”

Tropical Fusion

“A great organization that is providing throughout Latin America and a good reason to donate.”

Blue Grass

“For my personal experience I can share with you the amazing work that NPH does for the children in these poor countries. Along with amazing and caring staff these children are given opportunities and love and develop a life that would not be possible without it.”

Light Rock

“Please consider donating what you want, what you can to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.”

Alternative · ENGLISH Subtitles Available, click CC in the Youtube video


A Special Thank You!!