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Patty Tarpey, Sponsor

Patty TarpeyWhat do I experience while I’m visiting NPH Honduras? I feel profound love for the children and staff, and that love is returned. It’s wonderful to walk into the babies’ room and see the children smile and get hugs from the Tias. It’s wonderful to walk around the ranch and get hugs from the children, and it’s wonderful to meet the volunteers from all over the world who are working at the Ranch.


Words seem inadequate to communicate my experiences volunteering with NPH Honduras. I have been searching for a community for many years like NPH Honduras that I could volunteer with, so during my first visit in November 2014, I felt my search had ended.


My first visit to NPH Honduras was 10 days long. I spent the majority of my time with the babies, who ranged in age from six weeks to under two years. I wasn’t prepared for the weeping I experienced on my trip home. I so profoundly missed everyone at the Ranch, and I missed being there. I knew I had to plan my next trip, which ended up being a 12 day trip in March 2015. When I arrived I felt I returned home.


During this trip I also spent my time with the babies. I was privileged to unexpectedly go on their annual beach trip. How wonderful it was to be able to spend time with the children, Tias, and staff again. I knew before I left I needed to plan my next trip, which I did for later this year. However, after a couple of weeks at home, I knew I needed to plan an earlier trip to visit, which I have also scheduled. At the end of 2015 I will have visited NPH Honduras four times!


All the children touch my heart at the Ranch. I’m so blessed to know one child in particular, Cristofer, who has touched my heart deeply. Cristofer is such a gracious child who gives me gifts while we are together, like seashells from the beach. On my last trip the Tias knew it was my last night with him so they let me spend more time with him that evening. As he was falling asleep in my arms Sister Kolby sat next to me and shared, “Isn’t it wonderful God has someone to love for everyone?” How true. As he was falling asleep in my arms, I was weeping knowing I was leaving him the next day.


I can’t recommend enough how wonderful a community NPH Honduras is to visit. If you schedule a trip to visit, be prepared to plan future trips.


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