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Julio César, Pequeño, NPH El Salvador

Reported by Gissell Segura
Communication and Project Coordinator, NPH El Salvador


Julio Cesar in 2001My name is Julio César, I was born August 13th, 1990. My grandparents died when my mother was 15 years old, just a teenager. I can only conclude that my mother felt alone, lived her life without her parents, no guidance, and did not find a way to be productive.


My early years were spent in extreme poverty, and according to a testimony from my foster mother, who took me in her family to protect me from suffering, she said that she usually saw me in a nearby park, sometimes alone, even when I was just a baby.


In my new foster home, is where my life began to change, I think I was three years old then, I did not feel part of that family, and I decided to leave. At age nine , I was put into a government shelter for children who were found living on the streets.


On February 15th, 2001, at the age of 11, I arrived at what would be my family until today – Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™. I admit that at first I wanted to leave, but suddenly I changed my mind, and the atmosphere of unity among all children removed my desire to leave the home. That’s when my life began to get better. I received education, healthcare, culture, values, food, my own bed, a closet, etc. I found everything I needed.


I had the opportunity to meet our beloved Father Wasson, but I never got to sit or talk with him because I was a child and I recall his generosity with candy and toys. Let me tell you he was a modest, friendly, nice person, who gave to others, and there are really no words to describe to him. The few times I saw him we made a row to greet him, he hugged us and called us “my son”. I always remember that phrase, which is a phrase so important in this family.


Thanks to the dedication of Father Wasson through this labor of love, thanks to friends who support us and the desire to succeed, here I am. I’m in an important stage of my life, growing up. My family, NPH, has supported me during the course of my academic and spiritual education. Thanks to the beautiful people who support us, I am going to graduate in June 2015 as an Engineer in Logistics and Customs, and I am very proud!


ES_2015_Julio CesarThroughout these years I have had unforgettable experiences, NPH helped me to find my biological family. I did not have the resources how to find my own family and NPH did it for me. Thanks to their contribution, now I have a relationship with my beautiful sister who is twelve years old.


Today I am working at NPH, in the general warehouse until I leave for another opportunity to study at the NPH Seattle Institute. I’m very happy with my work and family. I really appreciate this opportunity, and I’m glad to see my siblings grow with the love of our family.


Now, I can be a change agent in my society. As Father Wasson said, “They will exert a positive influence in society.” I will soon leave my family and go out into the community to do this.


NPH means to me family, home, a place where I can be safe, and share life with my siblings.


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