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St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund Sustainer

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St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund SustainerBecome a St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund Sustainer and help save the lives of thousands of children each day in Haiti!

Your ongoing support for the NPH USA St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund helps provide quality and dignified healthcare for thousands of boys and girls. It also will provide maternal care, plus education, preventive care, and immunization campaigns in the surrounding community, and jobs for over 500 Haitians.

“If not us, WHO?
If not now, WHEN?”

– Fr. Rick Frechette, CP, D.O.
Co-founder, NPH Haiti and St. Damien Pediatric Hospital

Fr. Rick Frechette

“Every child should be taken care of. Every child should be smiling and playing, and going to school. Suffering with severe pneumonia or being malnourished or having dysentery is not the way a child’s life was meant to be.”

– Jacqueline Gautier, M.D., Medical Director, St. Damien Pediatric Hospital

St. Damien Pediatric Hospital

As a St. Damien Sustainer, you’ll get a closer look at the impact of your gift through:

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icon_envelope-mcnc-72 Easter Newsletter
icon_envelope-mcnc-72 Christmas Card
icon_envelope-mcnc-72 Update from Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, St. Damien Medical Director

Examples of what your donation can provide:

 $5,000  Chemotherapy
 $2,600  General aide salary for one year
 $875  Critical care for one week
 $486  Inpatient stay for one week
 $100  Emergency room visit


Donations to NPH USA, Federal Tax ID # 65-1229309, are tax-deductible as provided by law and subject to our donation disclosure statements.

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