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You can be the difference between a child receiving care for treatable illnesses and facing unnecessary suffering

Children and mothers in Haiti are facing poverty, unthinkable chaos. and violence. Yet they don’t have access to the healthcare they need. Several thousand children with treatable illnesses often suffer or perish because of the alarming lack of healthcare resources with little social or government support. 

That’s why St. Damien Pediatric Hospital exists as the only hospital dedicated to pediatric and prenatal care in Haiti. 

Today, you can enable the excellent, dedicated staff at St. Damien to save the lives of children and mothers, despite the tremendous challenges and risks they personally face.

Will you consider making a gift to save the lives of children in Haiti?

When you make your gift today, you provide medicine, emergency care, and treatment to the most vulnerable.

$25 – Hospital meals for one week
$50 – Therapeutic treatment for a child suffering from malnutrition
$100 – Healthcare treatment for a month for one HIV+ patient
$250 – Lab tests and x-rays for 3 patients

NPH USA, Federal Tax ID# 65-1229309, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The costs listed represent average expenses
at St. Damien. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law and subject to our donation disclosure statements, and will be used where most needed.