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What Our Sponsors Say

“I sponsor two children at NPH El Salvador and it has been nothing but gratifying. I’d shout it from the mountain tops, if I could, ‘There is no greater gift you can give yourself than the gift of sponsoring a pequeño!’ That’s right, it’s a gift to yourself, as well as the child you sponsor. It’s a win-win, Grace-filled experience. Take the leap of faith, today!”

– Robin Forsberg, St. Louis Park, MN
Robin Forsberg's sponsored children at NPH El Salvador
“I was so excited to see their smiling faces when I received my sponsorship packet. I keep their pictures in my home and I pray for them daily.”

– Bishop Richard Stika, Knoxville, TN
Bishop Richard Stika
“I truly feel blessed that NPH USA is making such an amazing impact in transforming these children’s lives and that I had the opportunity to not only help support these special children overseas, but that they also made it possible for me to see it!”
– Katie Burdette, Miami, FL
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Katie Burdette at NPH Dominican Republic
“Sponsoring children through NPH USA is the best money you’ll ever spend. The homes’ ability to provide stability, opportunity, and education sets the children’s lives up for success, which is the best gift anyone can give a child.”
– Allison Ahern, Somerville, MA
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Allison Ahern with Goddaughter Martha in Honduras

“Sponsorship has enriched my life by letting others into it. It also helped remind me that not everyone has had the same opportunities and that one needs to reach out and help others.”

– Tecla Ris, Arlington, MA
Tecla Ris visiting her Godson

“Being a Godparent with NPH USA can be a life-changing experience—for the children and for YOU! We highly recommend it!”

– Cathy and Tom McQuillan, Arlington Heights, IL
Tom and Cathy McQuillan with Goddaughter Wendy in El Salvador

“It’s very gratifying to make a difference in the life of a child . . . A letter from Fatima always brings a big smile to our faces.”

– Sue Bumagin and Paul Korn, Gloucester, MA
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Fatima (with sister Natalia) reads a letter from her Godparents Sue Bumagin and Paul Korn

“I finally got to NPH and ran to Alex’s house. . . He took me to his room and lifted up his mattress and pulled out all the letters and pictures I sent him.”

– Tatum Zeitchick, Saint Paul, MN
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Tatum Zeitchick visiting her Godson Alex at NPH Nicaragua

“I am a Godparent to four girls and it is a blessing. The love I show them in letters is given back to me. They even draw pictures and send them to me. I think everyone should be a Godparent.”

– Joseph Tarr, Flagstaff, AZ
Four girls at NPH Mexico

“Sponsoring is not just something you’re doing to make yourself feel better—it really makes a difference to the kids. It provides them with a support system they need, particularly after the difficult lives so many of them have led prior to coming to NPH.”

– Haley Wigglesworth, Wenham, MA
Haley Wigglesworth visiting her Godson Omar at NPH Honduras

“It is so rewarding to be a sponsor . . . It brings tears when I think about how lucky we are to be part of their family.”

– Mary Kasel, Saint Paul, MN

“I think the biggest inspiration for sponsoring a child is that you know you’re directly impacting a child’s life for the better—a child who has literally no means of survival or worthwhile future without someone else’s help. Someone like you.”

– Greg Oates, Miami, FL
Greg Oates in the Dominican Republic


Are you an NPH USA sponsor, volunteer or supporter? Have you visited an NPH home? Have you met your Godchild or any of the pequeños? We want to hear from you! Share your story with us and we might post it on our Web site, Facebook page, via Twitter, and/or on our blog!