Midwest Area

Regional Director’s Message


There is so much in life that we often take for granted. Do we take the time each day to appreciate and notice the simple things in life? I recently traveled to NPH Guatemala. This opportunity opened my eyes and appreciation for life.

The overwhelming abundance of smiles, love, hugs, and laughter filled my heart. Our pequeños at the NPH homes live a very simple life and yet they are so grateful to meet-and-greet visitors, volunteers, and most of all, their appreciation is abundant. Everyday the pequeños were up early hand-scrubbing their clothes, completing their morning chores, and heading off to school. Any moment of free time or times when we were in the same common space, pequeños were searching for visitors they had met the day before or searching for their godparents. Everyone constantly finding a free moment to see each other, to share a hug, exchange a smile, play soccer, or simply enjoy a meal together.


It was through this opportunity I saw the simple pleasures in life. It is not the abundance of what we have in material goods, where we live, or what we eat. Instead we are to live our lives with each opportunity to be thankful, to count our blessings, and to notice each other.

During the month of August, I challenge each of us to express our gratitude. A common method to practice gratitude is to journal – everyday list ten things for which you are grateful. You will become a master of gratitude.

Also, during the month of August, NPH all around the world will pay respect to remember Fr. Wasson on August 16th, which earmarks ten years after his passing. Take a moment in the month of August to show your appreciation and gratitude to our founder who created the world’s largest family.

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child. – Fr. William Wasson


Stephanie Pommier