8,129 children and adults
are being supported in nine countries

Press Release: NPH USA Transforms the Lives of Children in Desperate Need

Can a child thrive without family? Family provides protection, love, an identity, and is the backbone of every society.

Chicago, IL (September 26, 2023) — This fall, NPH USA is hosting Galas in multiple U.S. cities, sharing what it takes to lift vulnerable and abandoned children successfully and sustainably from devastating poverty. A like-hearted global community will come together for fun and learning to help create happy endings for children who once had no hope. Anyone may register for one of the NPH USA Galas in a city near you: nphusa.org/2023gala/

“People feel sad because there is so much poverty and hardship in the world and there’s a sense of hopelessness,” said Miriam Yaquelin Garcia, a Gala keynote speaker. “But I have a story like thousands of others who defeated the odds. I was very young when my seven siblings and I lost our parents and were left to fend for ourselves on the dangerous streets of Honduras. We would not have survived but for the miracle that happened. I am now a nurse at a surgery center in Honduras; and one of my brothers went to medical school and is a doctor.  I hope people are moved to come hear our stories, meet wonderful people, and help transform lives,” said Garcia.

Innocent children suffer tremendously where there is growing insecurity, instability, and inflation. Learn more about NPH USA by attending a Gala in October/November or visit https://nphusa.org/impact2022.

Gala speakers with inspirational, life-changing stories are available for interviews. Donations in support of marginalized and vulnerable children can be made here: nphusa.org/donate


NPH stands for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos—Spanish for “our little brothers and sisters”—and serves more than 8,000 children and young adults living in extreme poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean.  NPH provides a nurturing family environment, education, health care, and vocational and life skills training so children may achieve their full potential, enabling them to become independent, caring adults—thereby breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

For more information about NPH USA, please visit nphusa.org.