16,000 meals are served
at our homes every day

Donate Goods

Prizes and auction items, as well as food and drink are needed for events. We also collect clothing, shoes, and school, medical and office supplies for shipment to the NPH homes.

Individuals, groups, organizations and companies give crucial support to NPH USA and the children of NPH by donating goods and services, including:

  • New merchandise and gift certificates for event auctions and prizes
  • Equipment, provisions and supplies for our fundraising offices
  • Necessary supplies for the NPH homes

These in-kind gifts help reduce costs both at our offices and the NPH homes. They are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

If you are interested in donating a vehicle, please click here.

Additional benefits for companies making in-kind donations include:

  • Decreased administrative expenses through reduced inventory and more warehouse space
  • Enhanced brand reputation through effective, demonstrated philanthropic involvement
  • Increased visibility as our staff helps you maximize opportunities to highlight your good social citizenship

What is Needed for Our Regional Events/Offices

Prizes and auction items such as gift certificates and merchandise, as well as food and drink, are always needed for special events. The regional offices also accept in-kind gifts such as office supplies and equipment for administrative tasks.

If you are interested in donating items for an event or office, please contact your regional NPH USA office.

What is Needed at Our Homes

Non-perishable food, clothing, shoes, housewares, and medical and school supplies are collected at our warehouse in Miami, FL, and periodically shipped to the NPH homes. Those wishing to donate goods to NPH homes are responsible for shipping/delivering items to this warehouse. Any additional financial contributions designated for covering the expense of shipping to the NPH homes are also deeply appreciated.

Due to the high costs of shipping and duties/fees in the countries where the NPH homes are located, we cannot accept used items. Often the shipping costs and duties are higher than the value of used items, making it more cost effective to buy new items locally.
Items we currently need can be viewed here:


For more information, please contact Alfredo Benitez, NPH Home Liaison, at (305) 663-6211 or abenitez@nphusa.org.

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