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Northwest Region: Board of Directors

Christina Buchholz

Scott Anderson

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Dave Buchholz
Community Volunteer

Mauricio Cuevas
Founder & CEO

Lisa Dean
Physical Therapist
University of Washington

Lee Grever
Philanthropy Officer
University of Washington Intercollegiate Athletics

Julie Hart
Community Volunteer Ginnie Huntsman
Community Volunteer

Lee Huntsman, Ph.D.
President Emeritus
University of Washington

Darrell Johnson
Retired Financial Manager
Eli Lilly and Company

Julie Kee
Community Volunteer

Patti Kilpatrick
Community Volunteer

Marie-Christine Longo
Swedish Pediatrics

Debbie McCormick
Community Volunteer

Pat McCormick
Vice President of Insurance
AAA of Washington

Julie Tarp

Director Supply Chain Business Transformation

The Boeing Company

Susana Valencia
Open Heart Hypnotherapy