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NPH Nicaragua Celebrates 21 Years

In May 2015, NPH Nicaragua celebrated 21 years as a family with games, presentations, mass, and most importantly, the entire family.
Reported by Kay Bodmer
Communication Officer, NPH Nicaragua
A weekend of birds, games, and family, what could be better? On May 5th we celebrated the 21st anniversary of NPH Nicaragua. Such special times calls for a special celebration.

In the weeks leading up to the anniversary, all of the children, former NPH youths, employees, and volunteers were split into teams. This year’s theme was birds, so each team chose a bird and started planning. Each team had to prepare costumes and presentations for their team as well as their candidates for queen. All of the costumes had to be made from recycled material and all of the teams were very creative in doing so. The costumes for the candidates were elaborate, imaginative, and beautiful. They also did a really good job at representing the birds that were chosen.

The best part of the anniversary week festivities are the games. The games commence with the celebration of Mass as a family, followed by a short break to get ready to play. The games include different stations and obstacles where teams earn points for their performance. On hot days such as this, it is a blessing that most of the games include water and mud.

In the end, the day is not about the competition, it is about family and in a way this event is a family reunion. It is rare that all of the family is present at Casa Padre Wasson at the same time, but we were able to share this celebration with everyone, pequeños, volunteers, employees, as well as former pequeños and their children. It is important for the pequeños to see their family and talk with their peers. They create stronger connections with the entire family and learn about what life is like after leaving the home. Overall, it is just a good time to have fun together, especially during a 20-minute dance party!

Every year Casa Padre Wasson and all the family members look forward to the anniversary, when they can reconnect with the family and have fun together.

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