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65 Years, 65 Actions: Cleaning Cuernavaca

As part of NPH Mexico’s 65th anniversary yearlong celebration, students and staff took to the streets of Cuernavaca to help clean up garbage, paint the streets, and otherwise make the city shine.

Pequeños ready to helpReported by Ivan Sotelo
Communication Officer, NPH Mexico

May 1, 2019

All throughout 2019, NPH Mexico is holding 65 events to celebrate our 65th anniversary. As March ended, we launched just one of these 65 events: a citywide cleaning campaign in Cuernavaca supported by the local city hall and other business and merchant leaders in the community.

The event began weeks earlier, on March 14, when a press conference announced the upcoming cleaning campaign as a part of our 65-event celebration. Like this event, which highlights our mission to service and our commitment to bettering the communities around us, each of the 65 events highlights a value or principle of NPH.

All of the students and staff of the NPH high school were present for the big day, showing the city a clear sign of the unified family that is NPH Mexico.

At 9:00 a.m. on March 30, our students, staff, and other attendees from the city took to the streets to gather garbage, paint sidewalks, tend to trees and plants around town, and make the city shine. City Hall provided the paint supplies, and NPH and our neighbors in Cuernavaca provided the hardworking hands.

Rafael Bermudez, National Director of NPH Mexico and Hermano Mayor who was raised at the home, gave a speech and talked about the values of our home and how Father Wasson always worked to help other people, something that we were honored to do that day as well.

Seeing everyone involved and working together was inspiring to our staff, as well as the Cuernavacan community passing by. People spontaneously passed out water to those cleaning up the town around them, while others, simply out for a walk, went out of their way to buy snacks for those working. City Hall commented on this great experience working with NPH, noting how they would love to collaborate again in the future.

By noon, the work was done and the streets were clean, and everyone proudly posed for a photo in the newly beautified city.

“65 years, 65 actions” is our anniversary slogan. Our street cleaning campaign is just one example of what our family can achieve when we put our time, talent, and teamwork to a task.

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Photo above: Pequeños ready to help. Photos below: The group moments before starting the day of cleaning; getting ready to work; volunteer workers in action; street after cleaning.

*Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.