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Celebrating Godparents

The children enjoyed a special day of activities and treats to honor their sponsors.

Folkloric dance performance in honor of our GodparentsReported by Vanessa Cruz
Communication Officer, NPH Mexico

June 12, 2017

On Saturday, May 27th we had our annual celebration of Godparent’s Day at NPH Mexico. This is a traditional celebration in which we honor our kids’ Godparents (sponsors) because they are a fundamental part of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™ since it was founded by Father Wasson in 1954.

The day began with a prayer and reflection dedicated to our Godparents, followed by a marathon of games. Children teamed up by ages, from kindergarten to secondary school, and the captains of the teams were the “Year of Service” pequeños.

It was so fun to see the children laughing while they played “pecho tierra”, which consisted of crawling on a mud path, or when they played musical chairs. There was so much laughter and joyous screaming all over the place. It was wonderful to see the older kids helping the younger ones complete each challenge.

After many fun hours of play, we enjoyed a nutritious lunch together. Then the children went to their dorms to rest, take a shower and get ready for the musical presentations. There were Mexican folkloric dances like the Chinelos, Danza de los Viejitos and Danza Azteca. At the end of the presentations we gathered in the chapel to thank the Lord for each and every one of our Godparents. In their honor, we sang “Las Mañanitas.”

To conclude the celebration, after mass every child received a “boli” – a type of popsicle.

The children very much enjoyed this day dedicated to their beloved Godparents. Thank you Godparents for giving our children your unconditional support and especially your love during all these years.

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Photo above: Folkloric dance performance in honor of our Godparents. Photos below: Thank you, Godparents!; “pecho tierra” competition, a face full of flour; sack race