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Coffee Anyone?

Guatemala is famous for its coffee and now NPH Guatemala may become famous for its café!


news_gu-cafe-1Reported by Miguel Angel Martinez
Communication Officer, NPH Guatemala

On May 26, 2015, NPH Guatemala launched one of its most anticipated projects – our “Family Bakery” café. Our home now offers a place for people to relax and to taste products made in our workshops. It will also serve as a place to prepare some of our children for business management.

The Family Bakery is the result of the efforts of many people who had a dream more than a year ago and now it is a reality. All products have been chosen with love to provide the best quality to everybody who visits the Family Bakery. The flagship product is coffee; it could not be otherwise in Guatemala. You can taste it in our place or buy it in the natural state. We have had many tests to get the best coffee and we have achieved it. Each time someone buys a coffee in our café, it is helping to improve the lives of many children.

news_gu-cafe-1Apart from coffee, we have baked goods and pastries that have been made in our workshops by our children. Since the Family Bakery opened, we are seeing that it may be a profitable project, not only in terms of development of our children, but also in terms of local economic development.

NPH Guatemala thanks all who participated in this project and also to our donors, because without them this would not have been possible. The results have exceeded all our expectations. This kind of project encourages us to continue working for our children in an increasingly professional way. Who knows – perhaps somewhere among our children we have a future international chef who discovered his vocation in our Family Bakery!

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