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Vocational program to begin at NPH Dominican

In January 2016, our high school students will begin learning carpentry.

Year of service studentsReported by Isabel Puchades
Communication Officer, NPH Dominican Republic
December 4, 2015

Currently, we are in the process of creating a Vocational Center to offer our children hands-on education, and experiences through workshops of Carpentry, Welding, Sewing, Cooking, Mechanics, and Cosmetology.

The classes will hopefully work in agreement with INFOTEP (Instituto Nacional para la Formación Técnico Profesional, a state agency), which will establish the regulations and norms of the program to ensure our students receive the best training possible. This will enable them to graduate with certified official diplomas. This organization will also send qualified teachers to train our pequeños.

We are happy to say that all of our new graduates, who are currently in their year of service, wish to pursue higher education. However, we also need to address the fact that this might not be the case in the future, so we would like to guarantee any professional path chosen by our children.

One building has been completed recently, as the future carpentry workshop. Hopefully in the near future construction will begin on another two buildings for the welding and mechanics workshops. We will depend on donations to have these units completed, fully equipped, but the foundation has been laid for these workshops, and we are happy to work towards a more diversified, and official educational offering.

Regardless of agreements for the implementation of certified courses, in January 2016 we plan to start teaching carpentry to our students from the first year of high school on.

We also would like to have our current carpenter trained as a certified teacher who can support this program, and challenges involved. We are growing step by step, paving the way for a more solid, varied professional future for our youth.

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Above: A finished product from the carpentry workshop
Below: The new carpentry building