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Statement on Unrest in Haiti

NPH USA President and Chief Executive Officer, Frank Donaghue, comments on the recent unrest in Haiti.

A child at NPH HaitiJanuary 15, 2019

We were saddened to hear the news of a recent assault on a non-NPH Haitian orphanage in which armed robbers stole essential items including a power generator and mattresses from disadvantaged children. Unfortunately, this attack was merely the latest example of the political and social unrest that has taken over areas of the world directly served by NPH.

The situation in countries such as Haiti and Nicaragua has made it even more challenging to provide essential services to those who need them the most. Major charitable organizations have even been forced to halt services or remove themselves from these countries altogether given the conditions. But for NPH, these challenges have never made us question our presence in these countries. Rather, they’ve affirmed that the support we offer is needed now more than ever. Creating a safe place for our children as well as volunteers and staff has always been our top priority.

But while our resolve has not waivered, the reality is that delivering these essential services and providing security requires additional resources. Obtaining food and essential supplies is more difficult than ever. More staff members are being housed on site for security purposes. As access to electricity grows more uncertain, we were forced to purchase a backup power generator for one of our homes in Haiti.

Given the additional expenses required to navigate these trying times, your support of NPH means more than ever. Your donations can help provide for these unplanned costs in addition to the daily operations of supporting 6,262 children in nine countries including Haiti and employing 2,093 local people.

In order to provide a safe place for children in need, we rely on our generous sponsors and donors. To learn more about our mission and how you can help us today, please visit


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Photo above: A child at NPH Haiti