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NPH USA CEO Announces Retirement

Frank Donaghue, President & Chief Executive Officer of NPH USA, has announced that he will retire in 2020.

After an exhaustive search, Frank began his tenure as President and Chief Executive Officer on July 9, 2012. He writes:

In May of 2019 I celebrated a 40-year career in human service. Reflecting on those 40 years, I believe the greatest privilege has been the last seven and a half years working with NPH. It has been my honor and my life. NPH USA (Friends of the Orphans, or FOTO, at the time) was formed in 2005. For more than half the existence of NPH USA, our team has moved the organization forward in times of transition, growth, and change. During this time, we also worked to strengthen and build relationships across the NPH family.

In spring of 2019, I made the difficult decision to retire in 2020. In June of last year, I began working with outgoing NPH USA Board Chair John Shinsky and incoming Board Chair Lee Huntsman to plan for a smooth transition to new leadership. I want to thank the entire NPH USA Board of Directors for their tremendous support in this effort. It is my earnest desire to work closely with our board in support of the search for a new President and CEO. The search for my replacement had begun, however, in the meantime, I will continue to serve as President and CEO through 2020 or until a new CEO is recruited.

I understand that new leadership sometimes brings uncertainty and can be challenging, but, like all beginnings, it is exciting, full of anticipation, and gives us the opportunity to look to the future with eager expectation.

On a personal note, during these more than seven years I have been especially moved by the staff and volunteers who work in the field at NPH International under Miguel Venegas’s leadership as Executive Director. Additionally, the passionate and courageous charisma of Father Rick Frechette (NPH Haiti President), and Reinhart Koehler (NPHI Board President), is unique in the way that it bonds our global NPH family together. There are hundreds of other heroes in the NPH family, giving years of service, motivated only by the zeal to help those who have called NPH home. I’ve also had the privilege to meet hundreds of benefactors whose unconditional generosity and sole motivation is to help thousands of children whom they have never met. It constantly reminds me of the fundamental possibility of the sheer power of the human spirit. Above all, nothing has touched me more deeply and profoundly than the pequeños and pequeñas themselves. Their trust in and love for all of us is a gift beyond measure.

I have had the privilege to be Godfather to more than 9 children. I have gotten to know them and their families. I have been guests in their homes. I stay in contact with some that have graduated and left NPH. I have also spent a great deal of time visiting our NPH Homes and getting to know the staff that work in our homes. Each of these moments and people have touched my life deeply and forever.

Additionally, it has been my privilege to work with so many great colleagues at NPH USA. In my years in this work their passion and commitment to the mission and to the kids is unmatched. A special thanks to my great management team Molly, Christian and Casey. The partnership we have formed together has demonstrated itself by the outcomes achieved.

The challenges for the next leader of nph usa are great. They are small however compared to the needs of the children that live within our homes, attend our schools, receive care at St, Damien or our clinics or programs in the broader communities in which we work . During these past 7 years together our benefactors, volunteers, staff national and regional board members have raised over $127M.

In the years ahead NPH USA will most certainly need to double that amount and double the efforts. For our children, our communities and our people depend that we grow to meet their increased needs.

Over these past years NPH has become my work, my passion and my joy. I will continue to be a part of the NPH family wherever life takes me.

Thanks for your support, kindness and inspiration along the way. Since I am not leaving right now I hope I get a chance to say goodbye personally in the months ahead.

– Frank Donaghue
.. President & Chief Executive Officer

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