A message from Bob Costas

A message from NPH supporter Bob Costas.

April 6, 2020

To my fellow NPH supporters,

I hope this finds you healthy and coping as well as possible under the present circumstances. In various ways, and to varying degrees, we have all been effected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Some obviously, much more so than others.

I became involved with NPH as a sponsor of a single child from NPH Guatemala in 2013. As I began to see the wonderful work of NPH, my involvement grew through sponsoring additional children, supporting NPH USA events, and taking a trip to NPH Guatemala in the summer of 2015. In 2018, I had the opportunity to be the emcee of the NPH USA Football Legends Classic Golf Outing.

Visiting the NPH home in Guatemala, and seeing the kids my daughter and I sponsor, was a moving experience that has stayed with me. I think about Carlitos, Nelson, Ernesto, Brayan and Freddie every day. I see their faces. I save their letters and report cards. I imagine you have had similar feelings and experiences and are worried about the NPH children in our homes, just like me.

NPH has been impacted by this worldwide crisis and that includes the pequeños and those who work so selflessly to provide them with a better life. As you know, NPH goes far beyond essential nutrition, shelter and medical needs. NPH provides the children they serve with a safe environment in a dangerous country. With a quality education. With sports. With music. With moral direction. With a family. With a sense of community, stability, and love in what might otherwise be a chaotic and harsh world for them.

So, as I have been known to say in a different context, “Here’s The Pitch”:

At this time, NPH USA needs something extra from all of us. If you are able, please consider an additional contribution beyond your regular sponsorship or donation, as I am doing. No matter the amount, it will make a difference.

Here’s how: go to www.nphusa.org/corona and help us in this time of need.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. God Bless You. Be well.

With gratitude,

Bob Costas

P.S. If you have already made a gift, THANK YOU!

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