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Two New Books Feature the NPH Family

Music Has Legs and Love Makes Us a Family are both available on Amazon and would make great holiday gifts!

October 27, 2020

Music Has Legs

In September 2020, Good Stories Publishing released Music Has Legs, an inspiring story that takes readers on the journey of Juan Manuel Pineda, from the streets of El Salvador to the NPH orphanage to the front page of the Chicago Tribune. It is told by three people close to Juan including Bishop Ron Hicks of the Diocese of Joliet Illinois (who served as regional director at NPH in Central America). The story highlights Shriners Hospital for Children, the Mulliganeers, NPH USA and a host of other Chicago area forces that contributed to helping Juan transform his life.

Juan was born into an impoverished El Salvador family, with a severe cleft palate, in a country where children born with such conditions are commonly ostracized. As a young boy, he lost both his legs in a house fire, and soon after, his mother, who raised him as a single parent, died. Eventually, Juan came to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), a home for orphaned and vulnerable children in El Salvador, where he not only received shelter, food and safety, but an education, unconditional love and an opportunity to let his musical talents bloom.

After a Chicago doctor met Juan at a fundraising event, he worked to have him accepted to Shriners Hospital in Chicago for treatment of his cleft palate. Juan’s musical talent was uncovered by a young intern at Shriners, and a producer and musicians came together to help him record a CD. The effort culminated when he stepped into the concert spotlight at the Park West in Chicago to share his music and story with the world.

Authors Marlene Byrne and David Haznaw first met through their work at an ad agency, developed their friendship, and became writing partners. Together, they deliver this story of Juan into the beautifully crafted novel, Music Has Legs.

Haznaw says the story “Chronicles Juan’s journey from an unwanted, physically-compromised, orphan living in the streets of El Salvador, to someone who – through love, compassion, boundless generosity and finally, music – finds a path to a better life.”

Based on real situations, the story is told from three perspectives. Juan’s journey proves that anything worthwhile involves hard work, setbacks, faith and a strong support system. Join Juan Manuel Pineda in this musical and life-changing story by purchasing Music Has Legs on Amazon, soft cover starting at $14.95.

About Good Stories Publishing
Good Stories Publishing, whose founders strive to inspire, offers unique and author-friendly book publishing in order to change the world. By helping storytellers bring their adventures to life, Good Stories Publishing is able to put truly compelling stories in the hands of people who want them.

Love Makes Us a Family

Also released in 2020, Love Makes Us a Family is a story created to celebrate the children of NPH and the ways that children build resilience and strength through sibling relationships, sometimes despite very challenging life circumstances. The story and art are by Melissa Mendez, a long-time supporter of NPH USA who sponsors a child at NPH Honduras.

“I am so grateful for the times I have spent at NPH homes over the past 20 years because they have been the most inspiring and meaningful experiences of my life,” states Mendez. “I hope to have captured the spirit of family, love and hope that is so much a part of NPH life.¡Amor y abrazos a todos los pequeños!” (Love and hugs to all of the pequeños!)

Mendez is a licensed clinical social worker and child development specialist and has been working with young children and their families for over 20 years. Her work has primarily targeted young children with challenging life circumstances such as poverty, abuse and neglect and childhood traumatic experiences. She is currently Director of Early Childhood Programs at Wheeler Clinic and Professor of Clinical Practice with Children and Families at Southern Connecticut State University, Department of Social Work, in New Haven, Connecticut.

Love Makes Us a Family is available on Amazon for $11.99. All proceeds will benefit the children of NPH.

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