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From Pequeña to Leader

Nidia Rodas was 10 years old when she joined the NPH Honduras family with her three siblings. She took advantage of the opportunities that NPH offered and completed a degree in social work at the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

Nidia and a child at NPH Honduras.August 24, 2023

Nidia began her professional career as an educator in the daycare program for street children in Tegucigalpa with Doctors Without Borders. She then served as an officer of Solidarity for the Ayuda en Accion Foundation. Nidia joined the NPH Honduras staff as the coordinator of the social work department in 2012. When NPH launched the OneFamily—an initiative to embrace family reintegration—in 2017, she led the program.

Two years ago, Nidia was promoted to Director of Community Outreach Programs. She gained a great deal of experience while in charge of the many programs at NPH Honduras. These include the San José Family Center, the Mi Esperanza transition home, a soup kitchen, and a daycare center for working mothers. 2023!

We are pleased to announce that Nidia was recently appointed as the Family and Community Strengthening Coordinator for NPH International. In her newest role, she will serve as NPHI’s liaison at the country level for residential care, family reintegration, and community outreach programs. Her leadership, skills, and passion will undoubtedly continue to help NPH make a positive impact on children and families.

Nidia says, “I have always believed in what Father Wasson said: ‘Where there is a need in the world, there must be a Pequeño or Pequeña,’ and I am grateful for this opportunity. I wish to continue being an instrument of development for the work we do for children and families and to help NPH to get closer to the community.”

Congratulations, Nidia!

Photo above: Nidia and a child at NPH Honduras.

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