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A dream come true!

Milagros joined our NPH family in April 2006. Now, 12 years later, she is NPH Peru’s first female university graduate.

Milagros and an NPH Peru volunteerReported by Cindy Supanta
Communications Officer

May 16, 2018

After five years of intense studying, the day she was looking forward to finally came: her graduation. “Wearing a cap and a gown was not only a wish since I was a child, it is my biggest dream come true!” says Milagros, the first female university graduate of NPH Peru.

Milagros is 24 years old, and she just graduated from Alas Peruanas University with a Bachelor of International Business and Administration. She chose to study this career “because I love business, and I dream of running my own business, or more than one company. I like to lead, organize, plan, and be present in all phases of the creation of a company. I would like to create many companies to help people in need, and give back to NPH everything they gave me.”

Milagros acknowledges that this has not been an easy road: “During college I had to face many challenges, such as learning Accounting, which I didn’t like at the beginning, but things changed because I persisted. My teachers recognized my struggle with good grades, and that made me feel proud of myself.”

During her academic training, Milagros says that beyond the knowledge acquired in her classroom, she also developed different skills and values. “I learned a lot about teamwork, responsibility and leadership. This motivated me to apply for a scholarship for the International Workshop of Young Leaders that NPH offers in Seattle, to study 10 months in that city learning English and developing leadership skills. I already passed some tests, and now I am waiting for the results. If I get accepted, it would be the best thing that can happen to me! ”

The night of her graduation was well anticipated by Milagros. This was one of the most important events of her life. NPH Peru’s directors and volunteers, as well as some of her best friends, accompanied her through the big night. In addition, she says that she dedicates this achievement to “my godparents, for being part of my life during the long time I have been at NPH Peru.”

“It is thanks to NPH Peru that I could make this wish come true. If it had not been for NPH, I would never have reached this goal, since my family has no money. That night was very exciting, and I felt proud to wear that outfit, especially when some children saw me with my academic dress and told me ‘I want to dress like you someday.’ That motivated me more to continue working for my dreams.”

Finally, she advises the other children of NPH Peru “to continue studying, because education is the most important thing. It is tough, but everything is possible with effort, perseverance and dedication.”

At NPH Peru, we are proud of Milagros’ personal and academic growth, and we celebrate being part of this path which will lead her to success.

Congratulations Milagros for your effort and dedication!

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Photo above: Milagros and an NPH Peru volunteer. Photos below: Milagros in 2007 wearing an outfit for the marinera, a traditional dance from the Peruvian coast; Milagros and her classmates; Milagros with Rafael, a fellow pequeño and graduate.