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Welcome New Leadership Students!

The NPH International Seattle Institute welcomes the class of 2015 – 2016.

About the Program

Founded in 1954 by Father William B. Wasson, NPH strives to provide a permanent family and home for orphaned, abandoned and other at-risk children who live in conditions of extreme poverty. One of his dreams was that NPH children grow up to care for subsequent generations of children in need. To cultivate future leaders, the NPH International Seattle Institute was founded in September 2011. The Institute is designed to build upon the foundation emerging leaders have already received at their NPH homes and through various Family Services workshops.

Participants increase their knowledge and abilities in the areas of SERVICE, LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION. They live with host families in Seattle, Washington, while they study English and attend leadership courses, spiritual retreats and various community events. They speak at a variety of NPH USA fundraisers and perform other service-work. When they return to their home countries, they will be better prepared to share their gifts and talents with the NPH family and the local community.

Program Components:

Leadership Development

Leadership is taught and discussed through weekly meetings, retreats, panels, small groups, host family and mentor conversations, and involvement at NPH USA Northwest, Seattle University, local schools, non-profits and churches.  Throughout the year, the participants have ample opportunities to put their skills into practice.


The students study English at a local community college and put it into practice by living with host families, who also offer their support and guidance throughout the year.


Each participant is matched with a mentor. These Friends for the Journey are social workers, counselors, pastoral ministers and several are former NPH volunteers. The students meet with their mentors two times each month and establish a confidential and safe relationship to continue exploring their unique gifts, with the goal of being better able to love and serve others. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or have ideas for community involvement, please contact Kara King at

Cultural Immersion

The students live with and become part of their host family.  They attend church, family events, etc….with their family here.  The diversity of the Northwest lends itself well to learning about many facets/perspectives of life in the US and creates opportunities for new understanding.

Service and Practical Experience

As a group and individually, the students engage in a variety of volunteer opportunities and service projects, as well as job-shadowing experiences.

Class of 2015 – 2016


Alberto, Haiti

Jean Louis Frechette Alberto is in his second year of the university, studying General Chemistry. He also has a strong interest in International Relations, and hopes to learn more about that as he knows he can use it to help his NPFS family. During his time in Seattle, he hopes to improve his English, learn about working with children, and learn about working in a team. Alberto says, “NPH is my life. It is where I grew up, it is my family, it is the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes I don’t have the words to say how much NPH means to me, for now I can just tell you that NPH is life.”


Irene, Mexico

Irene Cruz Hernandez graduated from high school with a specialty in tourism and plans to go on to study physical therapy at the university. She is currently completing her second year of service to NPH and is interested in learning more about teamwork, problem solving, respect, and service. Irene wants to feel like she has something to offer others. She writes, “When you first arrive at NPH, you don’t know that here you will find people that will offer you unconditional support. As you grow, you begin to realize that you are surrounded by people who dedicate their time and care so that when you fall you have help, and you never have to feel alone.”


Jonathan, Guatemala

Jonathan Rubén Palma Morales is studying Industrial Engineering and hopes to go on to specialize in quality control and mechanics. He is interested in learning more about how to lead large groups of people during his time in Seattle. Jonathan also hopes to continue his personal development and have job-shadowing experiences in his areas of interest. He writes, “To me, NPH is like a lighthouse. It is a home-base that will always guide me on my way. It is the light of hope: hope in knowing that there is someone who shares their light with you until you find your own and are able to share it with others in need.”

ES_2015_Julio Cesar-220

Julio, El Salvador

Julio César Avalos Murcia is a university graduate with a degree in Logistical Engineering (Customs). During his time in Seattle, he hopes to deepen his knowledge of leadership, learn how to mentor others, learn about decision making and how to teach it to others. He also hopes to learn more about team-work and to improve his English. Upon his return, Julio plans to work for NPH El Salvador for a few years before going back to school to pursue his Master’s Degree. He says, “To me NPH is family, home, and shelter. My story and the stories of others in NPH and in my country remind me to appreciate what NPH has given me and to strive to find ways to help others in the future.”


Mirna, Nicaragua

Mirna Azucena Sotelo Oporta is a university graduate with a degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy. When she returns from Seattle, she will finish her year of service to NPH and then hopes to stay on as an NPH employee if needed. Through her time in Seattle, Mirna hopes to gain more knowledge of leadership and service in order to share it with her NPH family upon her return. Writing about NPH, she says, “In my NPH family I have found a sense of peace for my soul, I have encountered faith and love. NPH to me has many meanings, among them: family, home, refuge, protection, love, peace, and tranquility.”


Suyapa, Honduras

Marlen Suyapa Cordova Rosales graduated from a high school that focused on health care. Her future plans include beginning university studies in Nursing. During her time in Seattle, Suyapa hopes to improve her English skills and learn more about different cultures. She knows this knowledge will help her give back to the NPH family in the future. She says, “NPH is everything I have. It is truly my family. Everything I have accomplished is due to NPH. I have unforgettable experiences thanks to this family.”

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