Raising Children. Supporting Families.
Transforming Lives.

Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Board of Directors

MX_2016_hug-IntraEv35crBoard Members

Mr. Edwin Bernau
Mrs. Mary Beth Cotter
Mr. T. Christopher Donnelly
Mrs. Patricia Flatley
Mrs. Winifred Henry
Rev. James Laughlin
Michelle Lavelle
Gerard McGrath

Anne Mears
Patricia Mikus
Jody Pongratz
Rev. Joseph Raeke
Deacon Charles Sullivan

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Anne Geraghty, Geraghty Associates, Inc., President
Mr. James Coffey, The Papal Foundation, Vice President for Advancement
Mr. Joseph O’Farrell, Innovairre Communications, Vice President of Development

If you are interested in becoming a regional board member or regional advisory board member, please email infoma-ne@nphusa.org.